Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Blue Skies

Sony W800 - fixed focus - F2.8 - 1/1000 - ISO 100

Beautiful blue sky and cloud formations on the way to work today, I didn't have a proper camera so took the above picture of our hospital's library with my cameraphone and just as a joke I tried checking the picture's EXIF data - it turns out that the cameraphone actually makes EXIF data! (as written below the picture).

Hands up who says it's indistinguishable from my other cameras?

I have been wanting to watch Casino Royal, the latest Bond movie - rave reviews on the internet and all my friends have been recommending it. Some even say it's the best Bond ever. I had the chance the watch it several nights in a row now but, probably because I'm getting old, I feel that getting rest and spending time with the family much more desirable than going to the cinema (gasp!)*

I may still watch it in the end, probably this weekend. Anyone have seen the movie yet, recommendations?

*I also find myself HATING listening to the radio while driving to work. I find the contents of radio chatter empty in terms of content - the DJ talks empty nonsense interspersed with boring adverts. So instead, I gravitate towards putting on the news & radio discussions.

Man, now I understand Hiyoshi's growing pains.

Strangely, I always get like this this time of the year (reason will be clear in 2 days ... :p)

I have been watching Mission Impossible III just now - the best Mission Impossible EVER! Highly recommended.


OK said...

Happy birthday Min,

I know it is one day early! Hope you get what you wish for!

hiyoshi said...

"Man, now I understand Hiyoshi's growing pains."

Now I really feel old.

Anyway, will it be your birthday? If so, here's an early birthday wish! I foresee that I'll be busy hacking my phone (which I already am doing) to remember your birthday later on. SO, once again, happy birthday!

p.s. What did you wish for your birthday? A PSP? We can play together in ad-hoc mode later after you come back to Malaysia :P

naja said...

Are you planning to bring MS along with you to watch Casino Royale? Siapa la yang malang kena jadi babysitter you all nanti ;P

Happy birthday. Wishing you great years ahead with your loved ones.

hiyoshi said...

By the way, I fully recommend Bully. Damn. Wish I had colourful school life like that Jimmy Hopkins.

pycnogenol said...

Wah Mynn, awak punya birthday ka? Patut la Pycno rasa sangat nak blogging. Buat short entry lagi tu. Message dalam entry Pycno tu, kira boleh dedicate pada Mynn juga la. ;)


dith said...


Happy Birthday! Is it your 29th or 30th? Wahh...birthday dekat2 dgn OK ek!

ikelah said...

happy birthday. may Allah bless you.

i have watched mi3 but not 1 and 2. nice with high rewatch value.(pirated dvd). ;)

KKL said...

Happy Birthday Mynn!!! Lots of doas and wishes from us!

BTW, we celebrated your birthday in style.Hop over to OK's blog to see...

mynn said...

hahaha, thanks for the early birthday wish o-k :) actually in terms of my birthday wish, i actually got exactly what i wished for - family & friends to share the day with.

but in terms of my bday present I also got what i wanted - thanks PMS!

hehehe, you'll know the answer re:my birthday by now (hopefully).

in terms of gaming, i used to be a very avid gamer. there were days I used to play from morning to night (virtua fighter 4), or 24 hours straight (starcraft and final fantasy 7) but now hiyoshi, especially after getting married & blessed with 2 kids and working, i
simply have given up on gaming. i've bought many games for the PS2 - dragon quest 8, devil may cry 3, ico, shadow of the colossus, god of war - sitting on the shelf, yet to be touched/finished.

growing pains.

hahaha, you speak from first-hand experience baby-sitting our kids eh naja? LOL.

however, amar & sarah are not as naughty or difficult as they were when they were smaller. now they are alot better. I havent seen the movie yet, entah lah when I'll get time. i was hoping for tomorrow & normally i always end up watching any movies alone ...

im extremely tempted to get bully....

24th Nov - yup, that's my day. thanks for the wishes. *scratches head* ... the "i just called to say i LY" is dedicated to me eh pycno? hmmm... *scratches some more*

always curious as usual!! in terms of my age, it's the same as O-K and KKLs :D eh ramai orang birthday in November tau.

Thank you :D MI3 i think is the best* of the trilogy. i agree it has nice rewatch value - especially kalau ada home cinema & big screen:)

thanks KKL! i laughed and laughed reading your blog entry ... eating on my behalf, that's a first. LOL.

pycnogenol said...

Oitts Mynn...dont get the wrong idea lah!!! Cinta tu perkataan sangat positive dan besar makna nya. ;)

Balik cepat-cepat ke Malaysia, dan tengok sendiri cerita CINTA.

raggedyanne said...
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raggedyanne said...

*hands up!hands up* funny it's the 1st time i read this entry of yours & you mentioned casino royale here and I mentioned the same thing in my comment at ms blog just now. Funny coinky-doinky!

naja said...

No lah, I didn't have any problems whatsoever babysitting Sarah then. Not sure whether I pernah babysit Amat jugak. Macamana nak ada problem, kalau baysitter nye pun seronok tidur jugak sambil baby pon tidur ahahahaha. Lagipon MS kept on calling us ever so often to check on Sarah. Sebenarnya I tahu MS tu boring n mengantuk kat cinema tu, sbb tu la asyik call kitorang je ;)