Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Views of the Hospital where I Work

Have you guys also started to wonder when Blogger is going to ban me for putting up just too many pictures? Hmmm...

Anyway, I am again just too tired to put up a lot today. You see, on the way back from work there was this massive traffic jam. Although only one lane was closed on our side of the motorway, the traffic slowed down to a crawl as people were watching the massive numbers of police vehicles completely blocking the motorway on the opposite side. The traffic jam extended around 3-5 miles I thought. In the end, I got back home at around 7.30pm!

Anyhow, rather than staying silent I thought I'd just post up some pictures of the hospital where I currently work:

This is the new Surgical Admission Unit they are building. Currently it's just for show as it does look pretty but it's not yet open or functional.

In the foreground you could see the skeleton of the new Cardiology Unit they're building where we are hoping to do angiograms as early as the first quarter of next year. In the background, you could see the windows of the ward where I work.

Again, you could see the ward where I work. This is the main building of the hospital.

An alternate view.

This is the new library building of our hospital. In my opinion it looks absolutely great, almost ship-like in design. Inside, it's spacious, complete with modern IT facilities. We attend lectures here.

This is my unofficial entrance to the main wards.

(Brace yourselves) Actually, there has been news of a murder occurring last night just outside the hospital grounds. Apparently the killer(?s) burnt and dumped the body in the wooded area just outside of the hospital...precisely where my friends and I walk everyday (a 15 minutes walk, sometimes in complete darkness) to access the off-site parking. Man, there are some *tooooooooooooooot* sick people in this world, I hope the police catches the b*toooooooooooot*. If the traffic jam I mentioned earlier was to capture the b*tooooooooooot*, and (s)he was captured, good! The traffic jam was more than worth it.

And that's not even close to the full story of all the excitement that has happened today ...
(... but you guys don't get to hear the full story, sorry!)


dith said...

The advantage/disadvantage for someone working in a hospital, you can leave your stories in a cliff-hanger. It's good for someone who loves keeping his listener in a suspense but bad for people like me who loathes endings like: "nantilah I cerita kemudian" <---ikelah's fave line!

*drroza fetches a baseball bat and search for Mynn..grrr*

ikelah said...

i like the unofficial enterance.

just finished my night call and then straight to a school to give a short lecture on AIDS awareness to form 3 students.

still sleepy for it was quite busy and down with diarrhoea.

hope they will catch the murderer. hope the victim is not one of the hospital staff. it wil be scary with a murderer haunting the ground.

banyak berdoa dan insyaAllah selamat.

orangkilang said...

Waaa great story!

I remembered the time when they caught the guy breaking into the plant. Actually he was caught trying to get out.. So we had to do a thorough search of the entire plant area.

Any way, we found some of the items he "left" behind in the plant. Mostly tools, like spanners, a torch and some tape. But that was not all we found!(... but you guys don't get to hear the full story, sorry!)


anne said...

*toooooooot* punya mynn. if you don't intend to tell your readers the whole story, why did you tell us in the *tooooooooot* 1st place?

*bashes mynn with dith's baseball bat*

you better tell us! Grrrr...

naja said...

Nenek kawan i pernah bagitahu, kalau cerita separuh-separuh dan tak habis, nanti bertunang separuh jalan. But in your case this does not apply hehehehe. Lain la kalau u nak bertunang lagi sekali, whoopss hahaha

Hospital u tu teaching hospital ke? Nampak macam grand. Entrance to main ward tu posh. Library pun besar.

mama sarah said...

*toooooooot* punya Naja. (I don't use that word. But hey, blame it on peer pressure)

*bashes naja with anne's... EH there's dith's name on the baseball bat*

Uncle De said...

Orang malaysia mana ada baseball bat la....orang malaysia guna kayu hoki.

KKL said...

Bukan guna parang ke? Hehehe.

Ramainye orang mengamuk hari ni ye...

mynn said...

ok, anne & dith
oh, sorry for leaving the story hanging. actually i was in such a stupor i could finish typing and I just didnt want to bore you guys with the details of the robbery (and then the chasing over several floors) that occurred in our ward that same morning. the thief chose the wrong day for his misdeed though as the police were probably searching for the murderer around the hospital and soon had a helicopter circling the hospital to look for the thief! he managed to steal my friend's credit card. i think he was apprehended eventually.

i heard today that they've apprehended a suspect but it really sounds sick - especially the burning part. and o-k, im currently watching the serial killer drama Dexter (recommended, if you're an adult!) -- and things like this really grosses me out.

naja & especially bie
you should be glad bertunang separuh jalan je bie, hahaha. funny one naja! don't worry, nisak is not really angry....

uncle de & KKL
how come a story about the hospital turns into this parang/kayu hoki/baseball bat malarkey eh?

sorry, i rarely *toot* on my blog but the murder deserved at least an expletive!

raggedyanne said...

mynn, aiyoh ini maciam best punya story lain kali kasi cerita laaah. Mana ada boring. You oso know what other than your writing abt photography (sorry!), i read your every word :)

Boogey said...

Burning sounded sick? What about a beautiful woman blasted to pieces as what they did here recently?

moby said...

Mynn, get back to writing about photography! Stat! Murders, bloggers bashing each other with baseball bats? What next? Is this your weapon of choice now, Anne? No more spanking?

naja said...

Ala MS, kalau Muhaimin nak bertunang lagi pon, sekerat jalan je tu, jangan risau ;)

mynn said...

yay, it's the weekend! ive had a really busy week, so sorry for not being that active on the blog lately. what's everyone planning this weekend?

my weekend plans start tonight, *secretive laugh*

bertunang sekerat jalan takpe, asalkan kahwin semua jalan. hahaha. only joking PMS.

dude, i know. what a horrible set of events. it's okay for murders to happen far - you feel detached from the story. but having a murder happening practically in your back garden, on a road where you walk along everyday - is just freaky. nauzubillah, hopefully we'd all be safe from stuff like that.

my god, a woman being burned sounds terrible. whatmore a beautiful one. what's the full story, i wasn't aware of this one :)

chit! haha, i'm not offended. sometimes when i write I KNOWWW it's going to be terribly boring, hence the flood of pictures to lighten it up abit. btw anne, lots of pictures on yr blog lately, dah beli camera baru ka?