Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Flash Game: Grow Cube

I am so sorry everyone, I'm still busy at least until tomorrow. The reason is, I have a presentation due tomorrow on "Ventricular Tachycardia". The past one week I have been gathering articles and over the weekend I was supposed to prepare the slides on Powerpoint *glance at Auntie De* instead ... well you guys know what we were up to over the weekend. Despite lugging my trusty laptop, I didn't get to do any work at all.

So the past 2 nights I've been really busy preparing the slides - 100% done now, and I'm just reading the presentation over and over until everything sticks.

Anyway, in situations such as these, it's good to have release and mine is the free web based Flash game above called: Grow Cube. It's a really cute game, and as it's free there's no reason why you guys shouldn't try it as well (warning! it's addictive)

The rule of the game is simple: place each of the ten items on the cube to create chain reactions to solve the puzzle. ONLY the right sequence of placed item could solve the puzzle. If you're successful, you'll be treated with the ending sequence shown in the above picture.

Good luck finding out the sequence, I'll give hints tomorrow/the day after :p

Link to Grow Cube (or click the picture)

Please let me know how you guys get on with the game.

still K-I-V ing replies to the blog (sorry everyone!!!). Insya Allah after tomorrow I'll have more free time. Later!


hiyoshi said...

The small people are just too cute. Especially when they jump on the block to make a hole in it.

Other than that, I've received plenty of boos for my efforts, at best. In one instance, the ball even fell off and rolled out of the screen.

This is why I never considered taking up architecture.

dyanna said...

I am soo going to be addicted to this.

After the first try, got quite irritated coz didn't understand the game.

Second try, seeing some improvements. But still being boo-ed.

Third try, I'm actually going somewhere.

My next try, I already have strategies in my head, but I'll wait after lunch to try it.

Satu level je ke?

Uncle De said...

Yay...berjaya, shows how much free time I have...haha

naja said...

I cheated! Tried several times (>x20) but to no avail. Found the solution on the web :D Apparently the sequence of the final 2 items are interchangeable (tried and tested). I am no good in games, such a shame.

mynn said...

here's the promised walkthrough guys:

men, water, plants, cup, tube, fire, plate, bone, ball, spring

addictive game isn't it? despite having the presentation today I stayed up till 2.30am last night just to finish the game! Like you Naja, I also tried > 30 times in the end i just cheated so that I could sleep!

Uncle De
how long did it take you? the whole day? How many permutations huh? 10! kan?

i.e 10 x 9 x 8 x 7 x 6 x 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1 = 362880 permutations!
(betul ke mathematicians?)

quite addictive isn't it? at first i didn't understand it too - that's why i wrote the playing rules on the blog. try solving it without cheating;p

the game gives subtle hints at the order though, right?

the japanese are just so good at doing animations and games like this. dah habis game bully? worth buying tak? i'm considering buying it. um, i also want guitar hero.

uncle de said...

it took me about 20-40 tries kot...
terabai bebudak tu kejap. permutation tu should be right.

but after a while u can deduce that the ball and springs dont do much so they can go last. also the bone and plate seems to level up independent of other stuff, bone also level up 2 times and plate 3 time, so put them third last and forth last. men, water and plant do the most 'work' so put them first...yang lain tu trial and error.

dith said...


You are so gonna get the 'saham' for making everyone addicted to this game!! :p

pycnogenol said...

Index komposit pula tu naik sekarang. Banyak dividen yang Mynn dapat. ;)

OK got to go back to work...huhu.. :(

mynn said...

i hope the good kind of saham for stimulating people's mind & promoting logical thinking, dith:p

don't know why nowadays i feel so slow in terms of blogging ...

... we'll see.