Saturday, November 25, 2006

Borakphoto Assignment: Culture

It took me awhile, and it's abit overdue but I've finally completed this months Borakphoto assignment (This month's task is Culture).

For "Culture" many ideas came to mind but first I had to research the definition: Culture is defined as a system of values, beliefs, customs and behaviour shared amongst individuals in a society and passed from generation to generation through learning.

Brainstorming had me thinking of the following:
  1. Graffiti art, found in abundance in this city.
  2. Food, I was thinking of making sushi. I abandoned this idea as I've submitted too many pictures of sushi in the past.
  3. Clothes: I was thinking of shooting a pair of baju kurung or baju melayu drying in the morning sun, backlighted etc2.
  4. Architecture: probably something from the Paris trip
  5. Goth youths, loitering at the city centre. You guys know what "goth" mean right? It's the "culture" (heh heh) where one wears black, black make up etc2.
In the end, especially due to time constrains I thought of how in our culture we eat with our fingers - a practice generally frowned upon in Western society due to hygiene concerns. They don't know what they're missing; the tactile sensation we get eating with our fingers make food taste its best.

Thus concludes the behind-the-scenes of this month's Borakphoto assignment.

Take care all.



moby said...

Couldn't agree with you more, Mynn. Eating with our fingers is superb! There are some kinds of foods that just wouldn't taste right if not eaten sans-cutlery.

naja said...

You nailed it.

alynnsis said...

bestttt :D
sorry lmbt bgtau we've postponed the task's duedate. ramai yg xbrape aware of the task so had to delay it a bit.
i must say, jeles tgk ur photog skill. improve byk sgt. the one with amar tu, alahaiiii, superb!! love it.