Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Flood of Pictures: Wales, a Nostalgic Visit

I've meant to write this post for ages, but I have only had the chance now. I'm still in post-oncall mode and still very tired and recovering. So no long updates from me today (I think). I feel really punctured from the oncalls, and so I feel even more less eloquent than usual tonight. Very sorry for the short-ish entry.

Our visit to Wales recently was full of nostalgia. It has been 2 years since we have left Wales and one of the things I was most surprised about was that I've already forgotten the routes around Cardiff, even though I used to traverse the same roads almost every day to work. It took us some time before we remembered everything again.

One of the places we visited was our old home, which brought back lots of memories. Our small house on Smeaton Street.

At first I started writing about everything on the house but there are simply too many stories to tell. So I deleted the paragraphs I was typing.

Concisely put though, in this house Sarah had spent her first few months, and we have enjoyed the company of many precious friends including Uncle and Auntie De, Rosli & Hila etc2222222222.

This is the Asda close to our house we used to go to every weekend for groceries and across Asda is Grangemore Park:

This series of pictures around Grangemore Park is also a tribute to Amirah: I saw pictures of this place on her blog and I had since planned to visit the park and take pictures at the same spot. While we were in Cardiff, we had passed the park every time we shopped in Asda but we had never thought to pay a visit. Squint at the picture above and you could see the Macdonalds Amirah and family ate at in her blog.

Thanks to Amirah, I found this beautiful, almost secret place:

Right at the top of the hill is this structure. I'm not quite sure what it does.

The Millenium Stadium and Auntie De's favourite Ikea is visible easily from atop the hill.

The Millenium Stadium and Ikea from Grangemore Park.

Of the 10 years I have so far been in the UK, living in Wales were some of the best moments I had shared with my family and friends. Here's Auntie and Uncle De's version of their own nostalgic visit to Cardiff.

That's it, I felt a bit tongue tied typing the above probably due to fatigue I think at this point it's probably best if I catch up on some sleep.



ikelah said...

the light was not good, i guess. anyway nice closeup of the chain.

my dad used to study in wales and ada family angkat di sana. ;)

it had been busy for the past two days. very tiring with rediculus ortho case. can you imagine, an MVA more than 24 hrs with severed left arm dangling on just the brachial art, median and ulna nerve was told to be non critical after 3 pints of WB tranfused! they delayed the op because of heavy load and and the pt requested to be transfered to our place at 8 pm, with the humerus protuding out(bandaged but not aligned), not supported with the risk of snapping the art!

OK said...

Nice pics.. shame about the sky. Woo bunyi macam a bad episode of ER jer.

Ok then back to studying

crimsonskye said...

Did you pick up any Welsh? Must be an interesting language... I came across a few phrases once and thought they really seem like Elvish ;)

Mama Sarah said...

Mynn has asked me to reply the comments for him. But how could I, especially to ikelah's comment without sounding stupid? let me try,

Visibility was poor. It was his first time up there, and to share the view that can be seen from the hill. Although everything seemed to be in minute scale.

Your dramatic day at work. Sound like the hospital needs a better Manager. Can I send in my cv?

By the way, is your dad still intouch with his family angkat in Wales? Whereabout in Wales, do you know?

back to studying? Study apa tu OK?

Interesting language indeed. I personally feel like Welsh ni ada pengaruh bahasa Arab. Drpd cerita2 penduduk Wales, ada saudagar2 dari negara Arab yang berlabuh di pelabuhan Wales pada dahulu kala.

Ada huruf2 yang sound like huruf 'Kha' - contohnya Diolch-yn-fawr (meaning thank you very much)

Diolch, sebutannya di-alkh.

rosli othman said...

muh!! aku frust gilerrr..punya la plan nak shoot bon fire night from this location (depan ASDA) but I woke up this morning and found out that the event took place last night! (i seriously tot it was tonite 5th Nov) Arrrgggghhh...frustnye!