Friday, November 03, 2006


For fairness' sake (demi KEADILAN) and not to disappoint our friendly Uncle Pycno, here's a montage of Amar, from his birth to last night:

From these experiments there's one thing I realised: Goodness, children grow and change SO quickly. Blink and they change. To me DITH, that's why it's worth spending on an expensive camera, to catch milestones of their life at the best fidelity possible.

I truly recommend this project to other people out there; on photos of your children or photos of yourself. It's fascinating to see how one changes from moment to moment.

1. ALL the photos I've ever taken using my digital cameras are on my hard disk(s)
2. If my hard disks die ... there'll be crying grown up men!
3. I do back up to disc and other hard disks regularly
4. KKL, alamak, it's abit late now but I dedicate this song to you. By your FAVOURITE singer. Enjoy! and thanks for the pictures.

Have a good weekend everyone, many plans?


pycnogenol said...

Ha...tu baru betul!! Siap dengan gambar-gambar bogel Amar sekali.

Apasal ye Mynn, kalau anak lelaki, we can proudly take and show their bogel-pics, but never the daughters?

How long it took you to prepare the montage? Pycno tak pandai buat lah. Lagi pun, most of the pics. of my children are not in digital form. Camera digital pun bukan nya ada masa tu. :(

ikelah said...

great project brother.

i had done the same on my first 2 but in special albums but because of hectic calls... project abandon and they have to search through the photo piles.

as for the song, i can?/cant? imagine OK main guitar singing the song and riding a bike but yang sah sure KKL syahdu punye. Nailed on the right spot!

auntie de said...

cool projects! just amazing. but err.. id be very very careful about posting bogel kiddie pics on the web if i were you mynn..

exams tomorrow. anyone want to come along? hehe..

anne said...

mynn, i didnt expect nudity here, LOL. I always believe that babies who've been in diaper ads will grow up traumatised.

my fav, btw is the one with the sock puppet :)

Mama Sarah said...

hey you all, i've told babah - amar won't be happy nanti. i would have at least crop th photo first or leave that one out.

so you all, dont think I agree with 'that' photo being published here.

KKL said...

Awie? Syahdu? *shudders* Traumatised ada. Hahahahaha. iKelah, that is an old, old joke dari zaman baru kahwin, because I disliked Awie then. Hmm just now listening to this song, Awie isn't half bad actually. With time, all horrors fade indeedy hehehhe. Lagu tu macam lagu Meatloaf sikit la, ovedramatic, ala 'I'd Do Anything for Love but I Won't Do That'.

Ini lagu for you Mynn:

Lagu Jiwang Karat

Erm. I don't think Amar would be happy with that pic either.

Mama Sarah said...

oiii KKL, kejam! kejam! kejam!

(you know i'm joking right?)

(and i bet mynn is going to be in a fit of laughters when he comes home)

Mama Sarah said...

btw: i vote (demand) Babah take off "that" particular photo of Amar.

OK said...


Trauma nanti budak tu!

mynn said...

Re: the song.


to be honest, i love the song. *singing the song now* but i bet "she" doesnt.

ni membuka kisah2 lama ni.

(whoops, i just remembered my parents also read this blog)

Speaking of meatloaf kan, they have a new song, a cover for celine dion's "when you touch me like that"

try listening to it, you'll burst in laughter hearing the guy sing the "when you touch me like "that" bit. hahahahaha.

OK said...

Ahh it's all coming back to me now...

There were nights when the wind was so cold... hehehhe

dith said...

I am lost but in the midst of everything here I conclude that Mynn's old flame is called Suraya and KKL and OK has an October 'tragedy'.

Anyway October has been a tragedy month for Awie coz tis the month he broke off with Era and divorced Arnie.

Nisak, I hope I havent hurt your feelings, :p

OK said...

I feel I need to set the record straight.

Lagu Awie (any lagu awie actually) used to drive KKL nuts, but over time she has mellowed out and learnt to accept Awie is as he is.

As for lagu headwind Suraya tu, well it was not really Muhaimin's but there was a girl in our class that we all use to tease. Hehehe boys will be boys.. sort of an in joke for the old boys at sekolah pondok kampung dungun.

mynn said...

was looking for you on yahoo today, ingat boleh msg.

i've just finished a 5-6 mile hike, aduh my legs hurt!


like o-k said dith, i was being sarcastic dedicating the song to KKL, because KKL HATES awie like heck, especially that song. and whenever the month of october comes, it always reminds me of KKL's hatred of awie, hence the obligatory dedication :)

re: the headwind song. not really an old flame, more like old sparks that didnt catch fire *laugh* but that's a different story and I hope she doesnt read this blog!

mynn said...

ps OK
i was scouring youtube for the team america montage song and wanted to dedicate it to you ... tapi tak jumpa, sorry! but consider it a dedication.

dyanna said...

Bila tgk gambar Amar masa baby teringat masa gi visit you all, April/May last year, Amar baby yg panjang.

The 'Rock Leleh' song reminded me of the "ROCK" (malay) movie aired last Tuesday. Quite funny!

KKL said...

Hehehehe. Sorry ye Nisak, but Mynn left himself wide open for that one. To compensate, actually a tiny part of the reason why I didn't like Awie was because he reminds me of an unwanted admirer masa sekolah menangah. It was at a school picnic and people were singing Awie's Sejati. Er, he wanted to be my partner during this game we were playing that involves holding hands. :P!!!!! *slap slap* The worst bit was a friend thought I overreacted and wanted me to 'give him a chance'. Hellooooo baru umur 15 sudah mahu gatal2 ke?(I was 13 then) Yeechh. Pergi main jauh2. Kena ke layan???

raggedyanne said...

funny thing happened y'day as for the 1st time, I heard tht meatloaf song 3 times! 3 times! in the car y'day only. Frankly I think the song was rather OTT and should i mention, disasterous? I dont care if it was given to him in the 1st place but let ms dion recorded it first.Err anyone interested in this topic, u all wiki-wiki yourself la hor as i dont know how to put a link in this comment box *slaps forehead at gunduness*