Friday, November 10, 2006

Dinner with the Cardiology Team

Tonight, the cardiology team from my hospital gathered for a farewell dinner party to some of our colleagues leaving for other jobs in December. The dinner was held in Lee Gardens, a Malaysian Chinese restaurant quite near the hospital where we work.

For starters I had Japanese style king prawns.

Ordering dinner. Above are all the male doctors in my team.

Nurses of Harrowden Ward.

Digging in. Senior nurses from the ward.

Friendly chatter.

My fortune cookie read, "Two heads are better than one so are two hands on the wheel", just when I was about to make the 1 hour drive back to Coventry on a rainy night at 1030pm!

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OK said...

Hehehe, I am imagining the going away party for you.. Sure semua orang pakai pink and bawak camera ;)

KKL said...

I like the fortune you got.. I feel that it really applies to me... hehehe.

Have you ever tried eating the cookie? I did, tak sedap pun.

mynn said...

last night i couldnt take that many pictures, as some of the nurses really hated pictures being taken, especially while they're eating. it reminds me that cameras and taking pictures are really more asian culture than western (of course exception applies). i snapped away anyway, avoiding those that hated their pictures being taken of course!

mana ada going away party for me, ni kira first and last going away party lah ni (kot). i didnt enjoy the meal last night compared to the first time, maybe because i had too much of the starters (so dah kenyang) despite fasting yesterday!

the fortune cookie spooked me out! dah lah i was about to drive long distances alone in heavy rain, as if an omen. just in case, i definitely did keep two hands on the wheel, drove extra slowly (average 60 miles per hour) and put extra effort to concentrate.

alhamdulillah arrived home safely.

dith said...

Luckily your fortune cookie didnt read : Help me! I'm being held captive here!. <---I think this happened in Australia years ago where the worker in a cookie factory was abused.

KKL- so the cookie tastes bad eh?

dith said...

ps. is that nurse in the centre, a malay?

mmynnn said...

dith & kkl
the fortune cookie tasted okay actually -- abit like those fan (kuih kipas?) like biscuits in malaysia.

no, Filipino.

arep said...

waaaa..udang tu nampak sgt sedap! halal tak kat situ min?

mynn said...

tak halal lah walaupun malaysian. makan seafood soup, king prawns dengan egg fried rice je.

ayumi said...

Yep, yep.. that prawn looks like something I'd eat non-stop! *missing tempura*...

hiyoshi said...

I imagine that they keep cranky old men with thinning hair at the back of their restaurant to write out all these 'smart' words.

I imagine myself being one of those cranky old men in my golden years.

"Two heads are better than one, but not when they're on the same body"

Anonymous said...

two heads are better than one, but dont listen to the smaller one.

mynn said...

hey, rather the ending craving - you could definitely try and make tempura yourself :) the method is really cool - literally. You have to dip the shrimps in ice-cube cooled tempura mix before the quick deep fry.


haha, it makes me wonder too, who writes these words of "wisdom".