Monday, November 27, 2006

Azim in Hospital day 2

I'm in Ireland now, unfortunately time is limited for me tonight so here are some pictures.

Azim is okay, he's overcome the initial emotional and physical shock. He's had initial debridement of the wound and he seems much better. Further operations probably tomorrow or after.

-I've moved to a different location now, the place where I'm sleeping for the night-

What do you know, I have wifi access, alhamdulillah. So now I could write more before I go to bed.

Firstly about the journey; I set out relatively early this morning to catch my flight at Birmingham International scheduled for 11am. The journey to the airport was quick and uneventful, I felt noticeably more agile and swift (probably because I'm travelling free of the two little ones) despite having to carry a heavy knapsack and a backpack.

At the airport, security checks delayed the travel. Nowadays, people flying in/from the UK are bound with many new restrictions; one of them is that we could no longer carry fluids onto the airplane. Fluids include milk, drinks, toothpaste, hair gel, perfume etc2 - anything liquid really. However, with the new regulations apparently small amounts of liquids are allowed but heck, I tried to avoid the hassle by not carrying any.

Alhamdulillah, one of the things I am extremely grateful is that there were no limit to the kindness showed by Azim's friends here in Ireland. Azim's friend Jas offered to get me from the airport, take me to the hospital and even arranged for a place for me to stay. He momentarily went home but came back with fresh laundry and clothes, lots of food and essentials for Azim's stay in hospital.

We are all truly grateful for the kindness showed by ALL of Azim's friends. During his stay, many people have paid visits and many more offered kind words and prayers - thank you all.

Regarding Azim, he recounted the chilling details of the accident. He was driving along the motorway when at a split second he suddenly felt the car skidding and he lost control. He recalled how during the time when the car was spinning and everything was a blur it was as if everything felt like a dream, like his mind was looking at the event from outside his body. The few milliseconds of when the car was spinning he said felt as if he was "ready to die" and he said he was just waiting for death to take him ... when the spinning suddenly stopped, and he realised he was still alive. He felt his right hand hit the side window - smashing it (the window, hopefully not the hand) to pieces. When he came to, he realised he arms were both heavily bleeding.

Another car was involved, but thank goodness it was merely a scrape. Thank goodness too that the ambulance was swift to arrive taking him to hospital. I was much relieved to hear that the pain was not overwhelming.

The extent of the damage? Well, as far as I could assess Azim could walk freely and there are no other major injuries elsewhere. His face, shoulders, pelvis, body all are virtually unscathed. There is though a gash at the back of his head requiring 8 staples. His left hand is mobile and usable. His right hand less unfortunately less so - immobilised in plaster of paris.

I was relieved to see that Azim looked, apart from the hands, okay. I heard he was in a much worse state, both physically and emotionally, yesterday. Today, his appetite was strong, all the vital statistics were stable.

The surgeons are planning to explore the arms further tomorrow and plan for further surgeries in the coming few days.

Despite everything, he seemed to still be able to smile and crack jokes. Both arms are suspended to these two poles and Azim needed help with everything from eating, hygiene, even scratching his nose.

This is Jas, Azim's kind friend seen here feeding Azim food kindly prepared by Jas' wife.

It also seemed that Azim still has a very healthy appetite, which is excellent for recovery.

The nurses all seemed extremely helpful and friendly. Alhamdulillah, no one stated that they did not want me to stay with Azim despite being outside of visiting hours. I stayed by Azim most of the day today mostly just keeping him company.

And lastly, this is Azim on his high tech multi reclinable bed. Obs are all stable, don't worry. Looking forward to seeing him again tomorrow.

OK everyone, time for me to retire myself. I'm not at Azim's friends' house for the night, they are extremely hospitable and I am extremely grateful for a place to stay tonight. I'm extremely tired from the journey so I think this is the time I'll sign off ...

... for today.

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Wilhelm~Achtzehn said...

I hope everything will turn out ok for En Azim. Insyallah.

dith said...

Alhamdulillah for all the good things here:

1) That Azim survived despite the serious accident (I pray his arms will heal good)

2)For beautiful friends like Jas. Masyallah I felt like crying looking at how he 'suap' makan Azim. Ada lagi kawan macam ni dalam dunia ni yek!

Alhamdulillah. Take care!



Thanks a million to Jasrul who directed us in Malaysia to this site. Sampai termimpi-mimpi teringatkan Azim. Kami di Malaysia mendoakan agar beliau segera pulih, both fizikal dan emosi, dan looking forward untuk ziarah di Malaysia, even though mungkin kepulangan Azim ke Malaysia lebih lewat dari jadual asal. Salam ingatan dari kami di Malaysia.


mynn said...

amin. thank you for the kind wish which i'd conveyed to azim. we all wish for everything to work out for him.

alhamdulillah, we are all extremely grateful too for what you have said most of all that he survived the accident. things could have just as easily turned out very nasty. it just reminds all of us, how fragile we actually are and how Allah could take everything away from us in just an instant.

What i am most impressed with though, is how strong azim's friends are supporting him. they come in large groups every day, and help with many2 things. we are all eternally grateful.

Azim's trials and tribulations continue, we all pray that he will pass through them with flying colours.

ustaz hasrizal
insya allah esok saya sampaikan kat azim semua yang ustaz ucapkan.

Thank you all again