Thursday, November 16, 2006

Stolen Oxford Pictures from Arep's Fotopage

Sorry for the long silence! To be honest, the past few days I have been channelling the brain power to other pressing matters.

Quickly changing the subject, I'm glad to announce that Arep has updated his Fotopage with pictures of our photography outing in Oxford. All these pictures were pinched, borrowed, stolen from his page (sorry Arep!)

I find it fascinating, that although we were at the same place, with the same people, photographing the same subjects - our photos differ uniquely in style. Amazing. Here are my favourites: (and my commentary)

Compared to mine, Arep's portrays Sarah in a warm light and managed to capture one of Sarah's many expressions. The angle is also tilted to give an interesting perspective. All in all the combined effect produces a moody, atmospheric, stylish picture.

Moving outside, I love the composition of photo very much indeed. In a way it's a strange family photo of all of us together, but doing separate things. The picture leads the eye from Sarah at the front to the rest of the family members - each busy with their own activity. PMS right at back mirrors Sarah's red jacket. Very lucky shot! In my opinion, if Arep cloned out the water bottle it would make the picture more tidy.

Another family portrait, and again in motion. This is PMS and yours truly doing a 1-2-3-heave! to Sarah. I love the candidness of the shot.

Another candid one (I wasn't aware I was being photographed) of ironically, me stalking Sarah. I rarely appear in photos (as I'm always the photographer) so I find it strange looking at my own photo - a very informal one at that. That time, I was photographing Sarah from a low angle while she was throwing leaves at me, and it produced this picture (notice Arep in the background).

What I like about the above picture is - it's another informal group photo of all of us that day (unfortunately minus Arep). I like pictures where the subjects of the picture are as if frozen in a pantomime.

Arep's depiction of Amar, who was lying on the street. Amar!!!

This was Sarah showering Amar with Autumn weathered leaves. One thing I greatly regret was in my version of this photo I didn't set the camera to shutter priority and capture this at higher speeds to freeze the leaves mid air. Grr. What a missed opportunity!

Hahaha, so this is what I look like taking photos. That's my new tripod.

Sarah doing a jump!

The girls - Dina, Sarah and Alynn doing a jump. Nicely taken!

For more of these, do visit Arep's Fotopage.


arep said...

ahahah giler laju min copy!! ei arep dah burn gambar oxford masuk cd nih, arep kasi kat min saturday ni eyy? ;)

mynn said...

alamak kantoi!

hehehe, nice pictures arep, cant wait to see the whole set. insya allah birmingham kan?

hiyoshi said...

The last picture just grabbed me by the collar and screamed into my face


Well, not literally, but it is a vibrant picture.

I also like the one where you stalk down Sarah. Were you but a bit bigger, the picture would look as if you were a 'monster' trying to catch a helpless little prey ~

dyanna said...

Nice Autumn shots!!! Arep deserves a loud "Pergh!! Cayalah!!"

OK said...

The last picture is an advert ready to happen...

Of course in Malaysia I remembered one advert just like this... hmm I think it was called Freedom... :)

Good happy pics... espcecially of the photographer chasing down his prey

moby said...

Mynn!! Thanks to your blog and pictures, I have finally come out of my photography closet and just started to use the "M" mode. *gasp!!!*

I still use the "P" mode on occasions and I've yet to go on a photography field trip. Maybe next month I'll take a couple of days off to wander by myself around town. I think I've taken too many portraits of my kids. Time to freshen up my portfolio, doncha think?

arep said...

yes! Birmingham! kalau tak hujan mesti cool boleh amik gambar kat luar! let me know what time u guys nak pi okeh! :D
Thanks Dayanna ;) u from penang? sy pon from penang jugak!
ps: Alynn..come and join us! hhihi

Kynne said...

Hallo Mynn! Lama tak "masuk" sini. Busy with my studies lah, maaf ye. Lovely pics as usual, esp. the 2nd one. :)

That's only crouching position when taking photos, wait till you have to practically bend your body macam contortionist, lagi kelakar!

Meh lah tengok blog kita, dah update! Tapi gambar tak cantik sangat lah, sebab tak di ambil dengan Canon besar gedabak tu! Hehehe. :)

dyanna said...

Oh wow, a Penangite?! Apa habaq??

Amar ni selamber je ikut suka nak baring kat mana... hehehe..

pycnogenol said...

Ye lompat dek, jangan tak lompat!!!

Seronok nyer dier...!!! ;)

mynn said...

hallo kynne! i'll go to you blog *now*

glad my blog has made you feel more adventurous in photography moby. truth be told, i dont use the "M" mode much, unlike Rosli who shoots in nothing but.

i prefer the "P" mode, but of course i'll control the ISO, aperture or shutter speed to my liking.

do be more adventurous in your photos Moby, go out, travel, enjoy the sun and shoot continuously :D looking forward to the results.

ps moby
if you were to buy a DSLR which would it be?

mynn said...

kitorang gelak giler pasal iklan freedom tu. i had to explain to some people what "freedom" in malaysia is.

at least you got the "come to oxford" message and not "wear freedom!".