Thursday, November 02, 2006


A montage of Sarah from day 1 to today: See how she's grown!

Notice the various hairstyles.


KKL said...


Hmmm what is it with parents and pics of their kids masa kecik tgh mandi? Hehehehe.

ahnali said...

chou kawaiii~!! *^o^*
i like the picture of her hair all standing up~ =D

it is really fun and interesting watching the progress of children aye.. from the moment they were very little till they are all grown up..

OK said...

The best picture, the one of her eating the ice cream at euro disney is not there.....

dyanna said...

You gotta love her cheeky smile :)

anne said...

betul ok, i was looking for tht pic too. Mbe mynn is planning something greater for that pic? oh ya mynn. I hope u dont mind saving some of my fav pics on my pc.

dith said...

KKL- I have one pic of you when you were 3 and bathing!! Kawaii! hahah

Mynn- I bet this whole collage was Nisak's work and not yours?? :p

OK- the slithering blogger, hehe

hiyoshi said...

Can't wait till she gets to sixteen. Then she'll have multiple pages dedicated to her pictures only.

Much like a fan site :)

mynn said...

I had the idea to put this montage of pictures because yesterday sarah saw a picture of her as a baby and asked me, "babah pegang baby sapa tu?".

I tried hard to convince her that the baby was infact herself but i don't think she believe me. so the montage is mainly for Sarah to see her incremental changes from baby to now - and this morning she watched quietly in fascination as i showed her her pictures step by step to today.

taking pictures while children are bathing show a different side to them - a more relaxed, playful side in my opinion :)

that picture of her with her hair all up is one captured by mama sarah as i flung her to towards the ceiling :) i like that picture too.

i was trying to put pictures of sarah not yet posted on the blog before. especially to demonstrate her various hairstyles and range of expressions. (ps - did the "montage" song from team america came to your mind as well? it rung in mine while i was doing the post)

if you look at the third picture from the right, lowest row - that's sarah's latest expression/smile. she would semi-close one eye in a half-wink and give a lopsided smile while bobbing her head side to side and ask for favours, eg. "babah, pish ah pasang citer ting kong...." (babah please lah pasang cerita king kong)

hehehe, i do have "bigger" plans for the picture. clue there :) i'll send a link to you insya allah in your mail when i get back from work tonight.

post lah gambar KKL mand.... i just decided i'm not going to finish that sentence. kang marah O-K -- sorry ok!

hey dith the montage was my doing lah.... :p

nauzubillah! dato dato (tua) tak boleh approach okay

pycnogenol said...

Bertuah dan beruntung sungguh si Sarah ni. Babah is going to find it VERY difficult to let go of Sarah nanti...

Dah ada montage for Sarah, jangan lupa buat satu untuk Amar juga tau!!

Pycno utamakan keADILan!!

arep said...

alamakk..mcm kenal jer brader yg pakai spek tgh pegang sarah tu!!

anne said...

LOL ting kong???? cuteness

mynn said...

eh kenal fendi ke?

ting kong tu cerita favourite dia

hehehehe ... just for you pycno...