Friday, January 12, 2007

Weekend Project: Still Life

Rosli and our adventures in Wales has got me interested in indoor studio mode and I have been experimenting today. The white background is actually a labcoat (I used to use labcoats for clinical attachments, not lab work). The scene was lighted by daylight from a large window as well as my flash on a remote cable, fired from the opposite side of the window. Grrr, in the end I'm not happy with how they turned out - despite using high-ish apertures (7.1) I still could not get the whole composition pin-sharp and using ISO 400 meant quite high noise. That's why I'm posting the pictures here instead of my Fotopages , haha.

my car is currently being serviced and even though we have been indoors-bound for the past two weeks AND the day has been quite sunny, we couldn't go out!! Original plan was to meet up with Auntie and Uncle De in Essex.

Sunday is reportedly sunny this weekend, hopefully the car will be tip-top by then :)


pycnogenol said...

Peringatan pada kedua buah epal:

Tragedi bakal menimpa kamu!!!

Dan jangan cepat tersenyum cherries dalam mangkuk tu. Awok semua pun akan mengalami nasib yang sama.... ;)

arep said...

nak kena try nih..isk

mynn said...

guna multiple flash ni best buat still life:D