Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Blog: Twenty Four

Oh cool, I have just found quite an interesting blog: Twenty Four, showcasing funny, clever, and brilliant advert campaigns like the one above and below (hahaha).

Get rid of deadly foot odour.

As well as being funny, most of the photos are also very beautiful and inspirational, thus my recommendation.



dyanna said...

Cool site. Worth bookmarking it.

It's a pity to see we lack humour in our local advert scene. People are more into the 'look' and 'beauty' of the models rather than having adverts that make you think and also laugh. Quite shallow kan?

mynn said...

it is quite a good site, i'm surprised a person has such an interest - probably he or she studies advertising or something.

humour really helps adverts become more tolerable, at least, eh dyanna?

moby said...

2nd ad - a lot of us guys in S'pore can relate to that, especially after a long hard day's training in the field when we do our annual in-camp training. Phewwww!!!

mynn said...

if you could kill with a smelly sock after the camp training, imagine what you could do with underwear...

weapons of mass destruction!