Saturday, January 06, 2007


Amar has been a bit under the weather lately, for few days he has been having temperatures, a runny nose, poor appetite and has become really clingy.

Not that I really feel Amar needs antibiotics (it's probably just a Winter virus), but Puan Mama Sarah has been trying to set up an appointment with our GP for the past two weeks. Unfortunately for us, the lazy, unhelpful, poor excuse of a receptionist* at our GP has been making it extremely difficut for us to see the otherwise excellent, doctor. In fact, even now we still haven't got an appointment - and it has been difficult for us to see our GP for years, thanks to that good-for-nothing receptionist (unfortunately, she books the appointments).

A typical booking session would go like so:
PMS: I would like to book an appointment to see the GP please...
Receptionist: I'm busy/not at my desk/not at the computer at the moment, please call tomorrow.
PMS: But my son is really ill, I need to see the GP today...
Receptionist: sorry please call tomorrow
PMS: but ...
Receptionist: please call tomorrow

The next day, at 8 am:
PMS: Yesterday I called to see the GP
Receptionist: sorry all our appointments are fully booked until Monday, please try again Monday ....
and so on and so forth ... until Amar eventually gets better by himself!

Another variation of our booking session would go like this:
Puan Mama Sarah: My son is unwell, I would like to make an appointment to see the GP please.
Receptionist: Please go to the walk in centre.
Puan Mama Sarah: But I really need to see the GP today, my son is unwell
Receptionist: Sorry, all appointments are fully booked, please go to the walk in centre.

For 2.5 years it has been that difficult to see our GP, every single time. This is a far cry from the excellent service we've been lucky to receive from our previous GPs in Wales.

*I originally wrote a much more severe sentence, but for fear of DITH fainting at the foul language I decided to scrap the original text. Thank goodness for good friends like DITH who always keep us in check!

you having the same problem, Arep?


dith said...

Dearest Mynn,

Hehe...hmmm...keeping you all in check eh?? (why do I feel as though I am a Moral Police without geting any pay??hehe)

Incidentally only yesterday I was responding to KKL who said her thanks for something I gave OK, to which I responded: "OK is just like a son to me, hehe, rasa mcm tua sangat pulak!!!Haha"

arep said...

pheww..teruk jugak GP kat sini eh..ermm Mynn arep tak register ngan memana GP pon heheh so kalau sakit mkn ubat or biar baik seniri, Alhamdulillah since i've been here tak penah sakit "teruk" sangat... aminnn

mynn said...

we are forever grateful for good friends that just by their mere presence make us do good. good friends are a blessing in itself, right?

if you do think of registereing with a GP i suggest don't register with the one near the halal butcher. it's despicable over there.