Monday, January 22, 2007

Family Outing to the Canal

The weather has been very harsh lately in England, what with fog, strong wind, heavy rains and low temperatures so it has been quite a while since we last had a family outing. Despite it being brief, we were lucky to be blessed with a sunny day and clear skies on Saturday for which we squeezed an opportunity to bring the kids out for a walk (we did the walking, the kids did the towing). For lack of a better place to go we headed for the Coventry Canal again ...

Whoops I didn't think that the picture would turn out so obscene when I took it.

Close up shot of the moss and stones by the canal.

A sunny winter day.

man, I'm having such a blogger's block. I feel I couldn't write properly anymore. Argh!


dyanna said...

Blogger's Block.. just one of those day, 'innit?

OK said...

Hmm I dont see the obscenity..

Any way... nowadays busy as ever.. not enough time to even surf at night... sigh..

dith said...

A writer's block eh? hehe

Perhaps you need those blog programs that help you initiate an entry, hehe

Ajzie said...

Pictures kurang menyerlah seperti yg biasa. Cuaca ker?

mynn said...

not just one of those "days", it's been a few weeks to a month i havent been able to communicate well on the blog :(

hey, only recently i have been thinking about you guys. have to try and call you guys this weekend, insya allah if we're at home.

if only a write up on the blog is only a click away - it will solve all my current woes. you know what, it's probably the cold winter - it's freezing my brain.

thanks for the honest opinion, i looked back at the pictures i took the whole day that day and they really are uninspired. i need a meet up with all the other photographers again to stimulate my mind, i think.

moby said...

You need to anti-coagulate that blogger's block stat!! Hope you recover from it soon, Mynn. :)

Ajzie said...

Jgn salah faham..warna gambar2 itu maksud saya. Nampak gloomy.. Tak secerah dan menarik gambar2 yg biasa saya lihat disini.

mynn said...

hahaha, thrombolysis stat! nowadays when i try to write the ideas just dont flow anymore ... probably because my sleep has been greatly reduced .........

oh i see, um i think i know what the problem is*. thanks for mentioning.

*The problem is, i load these pictures into photoshop & photoshop converts the pictures from sRGB to adobeRGB - when it does that the saturations seems to go down a couple of notches. strange.

Kynne said...

Take more pictures. :) That is what your blog is more based upon. Maybe then your creativity juices will flow back again. :)

dyanna said...

I stand corrected..

So... it's one of 'those' months, huh?

I've also got nothing interesting to blog about.. and now it seems Msians have to be more careful when blogging now that one of our fellow blogger was 'sued' (or so) by one media company, kononnya memfitnah.

So, better watch out when 'complaining' about the system.

Btw, betul ke iPod tak leh main illegally downloaded mp3? If this is true, sungguh la tak bestnya...

Li said...

I shoot in Adobe RGB and photoshop still desaturate my image a bit. I guess everybody has that problem la mynn. That's why they have all those tools in photoshop.

Anyway, looking at your photos this time..i think its the weather la! I know what its like when your hands starts to freeze :D

mynn said...

exactly, using photoshop the colours get desaturated. i really dont understand what's going on there but oh well...

i don't know why but "one of those months" sounds a bit dodgy to me - especially when addressed to a guy:D

regarding illegally downloaded cds, not that i have tried but from what i've read the ipod could play non-protected (or non DRM) mp3s just fine but of course copy protected mp3s e.g. ones bought from the itunes store could not be transferred etc etc:)

i have never been indoors for so long! the past few weeks has given us quite harsh winter days, which dramatically negates the chances of an outing. however, the weather has been brilliant the past 3 days --- unfortunately i've been working. but insya allah, i feel an "itch" coming - heh heh. btw kynne, do visit my fotopages as well at nowadays i post my pictures there and my thoughts and stories here :)

Kynne said...

Oh padanlah! I kept wondering why there're not as many photos on your blog entries as before. Why post the pictures there and not here? Just do it as normal lah, post your thoughts AND pictures here. Your blog seems rather... different without your usual photo-blog entries.

arep said...

hmmmmm...sejuk² ni malas nak gi menembak..asyik keje..tido huhuh... Alynn dah balik sini..nak kena outing lagi ni Mynn!!

Rosli said...

outing la hala2 ke sini arep hehehe

mynn said...

yes kynne, i think both yours truly and ikelah has sort of published our photos more on fotopages than here. my reason are two: 1. i could display larger images over there 800 pixels as opposed to the meagre 400 pixels here. and, 2. everyone there seems to like photography where here i just bore people with photography talk hahaha. it's a masuk kandang kambing thing... you know.

hehehe tepat sekali arep. sejuk2 & hujan ni takut nak keluar tak? lagipun cuaca selalu tak menarik je. --- eh memang kena outing cepat2 ni, nanti alynn busy balik.

hey, arep dia ajak, kita tak ajak pun!*

*serik ke kita datang?

OK said...

R u guys still returning this Feb?