Monday, January 08, 2007

Jungle Book

Mowgli Sarah hates her picture taken, and would go to great lengths to avoid the camera. I was chasing this fast-(still) (occasionally)-nappy-wearing critter all around the living room before I could get a picture, and even then she tried hiding underneath the table.

Those who know Sarah (Uncle & Auntie De, Rosli & Mama Danial) knows what she's up to when she undresses like this...


dyanna said...

Pasal nak garu sebab eczema ke?
(just a guess)

raggedyanne said...

sarah buat 'kuih' ker?

smamat said...

Bruv, that is well bad (cruel to daughter)... take de shame, maan!

Ajzie said...

Jungle Book...babah Sarah kata? Anyway still maintain comel kan Sarah..

Anonymous said...

baru nak kata serpa mcm Mowgli!


pycnogenol said...

Hehe..That's a 'jungle book' pose alright...hmm...maybe the 'concrete jungle' version!!

What was Sarah up to, Mynn?

mynn said...

you're partly right

you're partly right

you're partly right

hahaha, like jungle book right?

hey, long time my friend. how's the new weather treating you?

hehehe, i have a better version, but i decide to go with just this picture. as to what sarah was up to, one of the answers by one of the readers was correct :D

sorry for the cryptic answer :)

take care all ... have a good week ahead

anne said...

oh no! so mind boggling!