Sunday, January 07, 2007

Expensive-ish gift

During Eid last weekend, Sarah has been really struck by Auntie (Kak?) Manda's Steadler triplus, a collection of 10 "superfine, metal-clad tip" pens of different colours and guess what she absolutely wanted during our recent visit to Tesco?

As expected, as soon as she laid eyes on the pen set - she was absolutely intent in getting it. Truthfully, the set was rather expensive, probably I wouldn't even buy it for myself - but in a way I'm glad I did for Sarah. She seems to really treasure the set, tidying and capping them (not that it matter, apparently the pens could be "left uncapped for days without drying up" (<-- says on the box) after each use.

Speaking of use, Sarah is using them to colour and write on her junior maths & shapes book, seen in the picture above. Seeing her interest and concentration, the "Triplus" pens already seem like a worthy investment.


Yara said...

I am always ready to fork out money to invest in something that my kids would treasure. Unfortunately, there would be times when the investment proved to be a mistake. The problem is I never learn from it and would not hesitate to spend money on what the children want. I guess their happiness means a lot more to me than the money.

rosli said...

lovely image! priceless moments you capture there muh.

moby said...

I must get some colouring supplies for Ajab soon. He's getting tired of his Doodle Pro.

mynn said...

as for me, most of the times, i'm very happy as well to "invest" for Sarah's upbringing and development and it's such a pleasure seeing her appreciate the gifts once in a while. some things Sarah would treasure, but some she'd just leave in the gutter, so to speak.

what's a Doodle Pro moby? somekind of gadget?

hey, high praise from Mr Rosli himself - i'm honoured. You know what Rosli, one of my new year's resolution for 2007 is borrowed from you: Quality more than Quantity. hahaha. so you may have noticed i've been trying to put less images per blog post but i try to put the images that has the most value. also, each image are photoshopped to kingdom come; even the picture above.

for the picture above, despite playing with apertures as low as 5.6 and selective focusing i wasn't able to get the pens & sarah focused in the same picture. what i did was - sharpen the pens. then resize the picture to 800 pixels, then sharpen the WHOLE picture (i.e the pens were sharpened twice). alot of layer masking as well to hide contrasty areas. and of course, tweaking the curves as well as increasing the saturation as much as i think it wouldn't be too garish.

:D worked i thought :D

(picture was of course taken with the 50mm and flash).

moby said...

Ever heard of the Magna Doodle, Mynn? You know that doodling board with pen and two circular knobbly thingys that you can use to create shapes on a magnetized board and then you can wipe your drawing clean by moving the slider left or right?

Doodle Pro from Fisher Price is the updated version. Ajab has the travel-companion type. Small, but at the same time easily stepped-on when he leaves it lying around on the floor.

mynn said...

never moby, gosh, show's how behind i am when the gadget is for anyone below 10! hahaha.