Monday, January 01, 2007

Eid Mubarak from All of Us: "Silli/Happy" Version

As promised here are the "wacky/silly" versions of our Eid photos:

Our Eid morning requests for forgiveness ended up in this: a pile-up!!

Sarah's infectious laughter (in more ways than one as she was ill with a virus that day)

The Grinch

Auntie De enthusiastic at making her cake

"who switched off the lights??"

"Jom makan?"


Eat your shorts Governor!

"Happy" series:

Happy couple (get a room!)

Happy Family

Winning smiles


dyanna said...

Gempaq banget raya kalian dong!!!

We had a long weekend in Msia.. from Sat up to Tuesday. I'll be dragging my feet to office tomorrow.. sigh..

moby said...

I think I prefer the "wacky/silly" version of the Eid photos. So fun! :D

mynn said...

eid mubarak to both of you dyanna and moby, so how's the internet in south east asia at the moment? still slow?

we had a long weekend too dyanna, because of the new year - i started work yesterday, right into yet another oncall next week :(

it was a fun eid & new years. it's always fun with uncle & auntie de & family around.

arep said...

selamat hari raya and happy new year mynn!! hehe happy faces cool shots!!

mynn said...

selamat hari raya & happy 2007 to you to arep! what are your new year's resolution my friend?