Monday, December 25, 2006

Puan Mama Sarah's Birthday 2006; Cardiff

The Birthday Girl (... and husband)

Also the birthday girl, Safiya (and Mum)

The Preparation

Birthday Breakfast

The Birthday Cakes (Safiya's is on the left)

The Birthday food

Safiya enjoying roast turkey

The guests

Our hostess and cook - Mama Daniel

The Hosts (thank you!!!)

Party poppers

The Boys

Opening the birthday presents

Lastly, congratulations on your 1st birthday Safiya and 18th birthday Bie! Lots of Love from all of us


dyanna said...



Semoga dipanjangkan usia & dimurahkan rezeki dan diberkati Allah selalu.

Yara said...

Wonderful to see al lthe happy faces! Happy birthday to the birthday girls and May Allah bless you always.

dyanna said...

And Happy Birthday to cute Safiya too! Stay cute sokmo :)

anne said...

happy happy 18th birthday MS :) and Safiya is only ONE? My, she looks much bigger thn Nunu! Alahai genitnya anak aku...

N'way, looks like a wild party there!

pycnogenol said...

Dear Mama Sarah,
Happy 18+10(or is it + 20??) birthday. Whatever the number, May your birthday be as lovely as you are!! ;)

Dapat kasut juga ke? Musim SALE ni, satu pasang tak aci. Kena at least 2 atau 4 pasang. ;)

arep said...

cantik gila shots ngan white background tu mynn, umah Rosli jadi studio ek hehehe oh lupa nak pass
DR Mocque punya link..

jom g shopping ari ni..ahahaha we all nak pegi ceshire oaks ni..abis lagi duit ahah, new year punya weekend tak sure buat apa lagi..maybe Newcastle.. tgk keadaan mcm mana hehe

dith said...


Happy 18th birthday! (perhaps the youngest blogger with already 2 kids)

p.s. check mail

Mama Sarah said...

Thank you all for the lovely wishes. We've had a fantabalastic time in Wales. Thanks to our hosts.

Pycno Do I look like I'm 18 (+20)??? Huhuhu, Getting 4 pairs of shoes won't help, I need a plastic surgery.

DITH Teenage pregnancy! Thanks foe the ecard. thanks very much!

Rosli Othman said...

Mynn...glad you guys make it over here. We should definitely do this again man. Best giler weekend ni. To PMS..semoga panjang umur and murah rezeki! Last but not least..sorry la if ada apa2 yang terkurang during your stay in Wales...oh btw mynn.. look down! naaahh amik ko...GOAT!! hahahahahaha

mynn said...

re: goat, HAHAHA. seriously, thanks for having us - the weekend was more than excellent. It was fun, especially watching DVD and playing Panzer Dragoon Orta. as always I've learnt alot. Hopefully all will go well for your job interview -- all the best of luck, can't wait until you could get new photography equipment :)

our project for this weekend was setting up a studio at home. i definitely learnt alot, and can't wait to have a go myself. I have lots of behind-the-scenes photos of the set-up and stuff, i'll share it soon, i hope. banyak shopping beli barang this boxing day sale?

puan mama sarah is extremely happy to have received so many birthday wishes - it's a fun one for her as far as i could see. on her behalf, thanks for the birthday wishes.

usually, it's these SALE season where we hunt for bargains on clothing items and what-not (by "what-not" i mean electronics hehehe) but this year, unfortunately due to work, puan mama sarah and i are forced just to stay home. pity. however, it's a really fun time.

i have lots of pictures of people you know in my collection, insya allah i'll post them up for you to see soon. are you missing the UK yet? i'm quite surprised that many of us are still here...

no offense to anyone, but i think you cannot really judge the size of anyone through just photos :D sometimes, the angle and stuff could fool the eyes. however, it was so nice seeing Safiya again - she's growing cuter and smarter every week! (and she's quiet and well behaved too, like amar)

thank you for the kind wishes.

weekend ni tak nak raya kat notts ke????????????

Rosli Othman said...

Not sure yet about this weekend la mynn. Will discuss with hila first la kot. Dia ada ckp nak shopping brg2 baby kat swindon sale so not sure yet as of now. will let you know soon. Thanks for the wish..just got a new hair cut for tomorrow hehehe..

hiyoshi said...

Will you look at that. Safiya looks too cute for words. I suppose that's the reason you resorted to taking her picture instead, mynn?

Happy Birthday Puan Mama Sarah. Don't worry too much about your age. So long as you can pull off that smile of yours, you'll always look like an 18 year old (as mentioned by DITH)

ahnali said...

aiya.. i know its late but..
happy belated birthday puan mama sarah ^o^
may allah bless you always! =D

selamat raya haji and happy new year~!! ^o^