Saturday, December 16, 2006

Photography Meet: Coventry

Last week I met up with Rosli Othman and Arep for another weekend of photography. It was a blast. Our venue this time was Coventry:

Rosli Othman photographing the Whittle Arch in Coventry town centre.

Rosli Othman and Arep busy photographing the Coventry Cathedral.

Arep & photography gear.

Rosli Othman at the Memorial Park, Photoshopped to burn and bring out the shadows.

Rosli took this one of yours truly; just in front of Coventry University.

Puan Mama Sarah and Amar, backlighted. Coventry Cathedral.

Puan Mama Sarah, Amar and Hila (Rosli Othman's wife). Coventry University.

Amar; among Rosli Othman's first experimental pictures with my 50mm F1.8 lens.

For lunch we went to Nandos.

Family photo (where's Sarah??). Taken using the 50mm F1.8 on Rosli's Canon 30D with his 580Ex Speedlite.

Looking forward to our next photography venue: Wales!


Rosli said...

Mynn...found a very good reference on using flash with EOS cameras here fact no.9 tells you the negative side of using flash on 'P' mode..have a look..its worth reading the notes!

dith said...

I like looking at both of you in the last pic. You both represent the epitome of contented hosts!

pycnogenol said...

DITH - Agaknya masakan Mama Sarah menjadi hari tu kot, thus the contented serene looks. Alhamdulillah. ;)

mynn said...

seriously, i was only joking about using the "P" mode for flash photography. Yup i know - if you use P, only the foreground is exposed and the background will be dark (i.e a "snapshot") but if you use Manual, Av or Tv modes the background will be exposed too.

by the way, love the article you linked to - not as complicated as your lecture notes. I'm still trying to understand your lecture notes.

looking forward to be "contented hosts" to you & ikelah, probably in the near future :) insya allah

hehehe, contented & sedated; thanks to Puan Mama Sarah's delicate and filling meal.

berapa kali dah repeat lagu pycno hari ni.

ibu aisyah said...

that backlighting capture is's not everyday we can see these lightings...:)

alynnsaripuddin said...

walamaaakkkk syoknyeeeeeeeeeeeee :->
so jealous! nk join gak!!
and my god, uve got urself a 50mm????? aarrgghhh i want one too!! congrats :D slmt meng-explore!
my fav shot HAS to be #4 of mr rosli and the shadow of the tree. amazing!! terujaaaa!!
terribly sorry sbb lama xtegur kt ym as well as jenguk ur blog n fp. was super busy, and only now br ada chance to relax a bit.
and surprise surprise, am back in msia :) arrived safely on wednesday morning.
send my regards to ur fmly. hope to meet up again ;)

Mademoiselle Ayu said...

Sonoknya..Sonoknya..Bila la nak outing kat oversea plak,hehehe.. :) Alynn,jom outing sesama kat mesia plak. :D