Saturday, December 09, 2006

Unboxing: 50mm F1.8

I was pleasantly surprised to discover a package literally lying on my doorstep this morning (however, I was shocked that the postman had the nerve to just leave the package unsigned, and unattended. We didn't even hear a doorbell!)

As usual, I love to post pictures of the package being opened to bits.

Heh heh heh, can you guess what's inside? The box reads EF 50mm F1.8.

Yes, a new lens! At just £60 including postage and packaging, the EF 50mm 1.8 is probably one of the most cost effective Canon lens, and shared wisdom says it's one of the best lenses to buy. The optical quality is apparently excellent for the money (producing sharp images). Furthermore, the lens is also one of the fastest for the money, being able to catch tremendous amounts of light at F1.8.

Test image 1: I am finally able to produce very nice depth of field effects, and pleasantly blurred backgrounds as in the picture above.

Test Image 2: the 50mm 1.8 is excellent for portraits - can't wait for further experiments!


exdua said...

enough said.

p.s. you didn't show any bubble wraps

mynn said...


*wipes tears from eyes*

there are pictures of the lens in bubble wrapping, but the pictures are reserved for just the geekiest among us i.e you.

arep said...

wahh..baru sampai ker ni!! sure excited ni..giler ah postman tu selamber badak dier jer tinggal ek isk isk

ikelah said...

hahaha.... reverse ring tak cari?

you will never regret with that lens....selamat 'berfast' lens.

azim dah okey? macam mana dengan graft tu dengan wound yang infected?

semoga dia cepat sembuh.

dith said...

Is Nisak trying to send a subtle message there?

Kynne said...

Good purchase Mynn! I'm thinking of getting the same lens or the other EF 50mm f/1.4 USM. The difference in price is huge though. While the f/1.8 costs SG$160, the f/1.4 costs a whopping $800!

I'm leaning more to the f/1.4 though. Tak betul kan orang ni?


mynn said...

fuh, best giler 50mm prime arep. nasib baik tak hilang package tu.

reverse ring belum lagi lah kot ... my list goes as follows (in order of priority):

1. Canon EF 70-300mm USM IS 4/5.6
2. Canon EFS 10-22mm
3. lepas tu baru fikir macro ... :)

azim, dah keluar hospital, follow up for the graft monday. hopefully the graft is growing okay. pasal tangan dia infected hari tu, treated with antibiotics and kena letak drain for pus. alhamdulillah didn't get any worse. hopefully dia boleh balik msia soon.

subtle?? more like blatant.

to me the price difference is too much (3 kali ganda). orang kata the optical properties of the 50mm 1.4 and 1.8 are similar (minus the sliiiightly larger aperture of the 1.4, of course). the main difference is that the build quality of the 1.4 is better, with the metal mount. HOWEVER, costing 3 times as much, i'd rather buy the 60 pounds lens 3 times than buying the 50mm 1.4 once :p

ps kynne. i've also decided against buying any "L" lenses (??except the 70-200 L IS USM??). the reason being; photography is only a side hobby to me and not my main job. so i don't think it's worth spending £1000 (RM 6000-7000) on such lenses!

Kynne said...

Problem is kan Mynn, I'm more of quality than quantity. Price is not really a factor when it comes to good quality lens. Like my Sigma macro 50mm F2.8 EX DG cost me about SG$500, tapi worth it bila tangkap gambar. Semut-semut atas buah pulasan pun boleh nampak! Hahaha!

Tapi yang teruk nyer, to fork out that amount of money can lead to being terkapai-kapai macam nafas-nafas ikan. Hahaha!

£60 for the 50mm f/1.8... that is about SG$180. But the selling price here is about $150-$160. Fuuuhh that means it's cheaper to buy lenses here then there?

Photography is my hobby too. But I'm hoping when I reach my prime age, kira bleh retire early lah kan, and indulge in photography career lak eh. Hahaha!

mynn said...

lenses seem to be cheaper over there, especially singapore I think. having said that, everything is expensive over here.

if money is not a concern, i would have indulge myself in those beeeeeautiful L lenses ...... yum!

mynn said...

ps kynne
lewat nya tidur

ezdy said...

if money is not a concern, I'd be doing the same too.. :). Congrats on the buy... I'll be getting one too, tapi tunggu dpt bonus dulu la.. hehe..