Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Experimentations with the 50mm F1.8 Prime

The 50mm 1.8 is probably one of my BEST purchases EVER for the Canon 400D. 100% recommended - fast & sharp pictures. LOVE this lens.


Kynne said...

1st pic reminds me of my coconut photo... where you can see the blur outline of a green pagar in front and the sharpness of buah coconut at the back. Hehehe...

Mynn, I'm getting either f/1.4 or f/1.8 soon and might also get a.. wide-angle lens! *beams* Before I head off for a winter trip to Europe. Any recommendations?

mynn said...

thanks to having a F1.8 lens, i could finally achieve this depth of field effects which I couldnt before with my humble F4/5.6 kit *beams*

of course you could guess my recommendation, right kynne ...? Get both the F1.4 AND the wide angle lens :)

the F1.4 has several advantages over the F1.8 namely the metal mount (so it would hopefully last longer) and also it's abit faster. if you love taking portraits kynne, i guarantee you'll LOVE this lens. you'll find that the length is just nice for portraits, and wait till you see how sharp the images are. (and wait till you see how you could take pictures indoors without flash) - you'll be impressed.

also the wide angle, get the Canon EFS 10-22mm - apparently almost L lens quality optics. I could imagine you taking sweeping landscape shots around Europe; dont forget to show them off on your blog eh kynne?

when are you flying to europe and where to? stopping by the UK by any chance?

Ikelah said...

nice pics.

i dont realise that canon give plastic mounts on primes! dasyat juga. i thought only nikon does that on their kit and entry lenses.

take a peep at this.
boogey trying his sigma 17-70 and not showing it to us. ;)
seems sharper than my kit lens.... the cheap plastic.

try a reverse ring and later you will be dying to get a dedicated macro. ;) (good luck mama sarah).

dith said...

Dua pisang tergantung sendu,
Diperhati khusyuk si mandarin cina,
Kalau dapur penuh buah sebegitu,
Tanda penghuni tak sembelit selamanya!

mynn said...

had a look at boogey's fotopage, woo i like the images produced by the sigma macro very2 much. great pictures of fisherman by the beach - soon when im back in malaysia i'll definitely attempt the same set of pictures! i live just 5 minutes away from the sea. i had a look at Rosli & Arep's photos we gathered from the weekend, and their Sigma lenses are definitely sharper than my kit, even wide open at F2.8!!!

ps: i think puan mama sarah likes macro shots more than me, she's urging me to buy a macro lens even though before i wasnt that inclined.

makan mandarin kupaslah dulu
makan pisang dengan gula
sembelit itu cerita dulu
sekarang cirit birit lah pula

Kynne said...

Thanks Mynn, for your thoughts. :) I think f/1.4 might be better in the long run even though wallet ku akan terbakar membelinya. :( I could see how great the potrait photos turned out from the pictures you've posted earlier. Itu saya sukaaaaaaaaaa. Will be much better to capture my vainpot-self potraits. Hahahaha!

About the wide-angle lens tu, I'm not sure which one, I'll have to look at the EOS lens work book on what you recommended. Also depend on my budget. Huahuahua.

I'll be going to Sweden and/or Norway in March. Insya Allah, we'll leave Singapore either 3rd or 4th March 2007. We're thinking of stopping by UK, tapi tak tahu bila, will have to look at our schedule.

Mama Sarah said...

Bby, ya lah I ingat kalau ada macro lens, boleh tangkap gambar my food. Sampai nampak nasi sebutir-sebutir! Tapi dah ok dah with your 50mm prime lens. Dah cukup dah.

nak masak apa eh weekend ni? Roast lamb ke?

arep said...

aaaaaaaa rugi tak tryyyy...nice shots min!

ibu aisyah said...

i love primes...mine's a 50/1.4...a minolta it for its sharpness and its speed...good for catching my toddler in action. :)