Friday, December 22, 2006

Fogged Up Coventry

Turrets of the old and new Coventry Cathedrals seen obscured by the fog.

The Whittle Arch, during a foggy mid-day.

Even fog could not dampen Coventry's citizens from the spirit of Christmas shopping.

The Blue Walkway boldly prominent against the fog.

The Blue Ribbon, just after sunset.

Visiblity was limited to only around 10-20 metres causing massive traffic jams.

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Oh and by the way, Azim made it safe and sound to the airport and is now on a plane back to Malaysia, finally! The day-long journey was uneventful and smooth. Thank goodness.

As if to accompany him, the fog has also cleared.

Good bye UK.

Thanks to all who has helped Azim in his time of need.


arep said...

isk isk iskkk³ teruk susah org nak g keje..nak jenjalan pon sejuk..and nice shots min #1 and #6 cantikkkk.. Happy Holidays mynn!!

mynn said...

thanks for your feedback arep :) the fog is definitely a bother - especially to people travelling by plan. in the end, we had to pay alot extra just so that azim could make the flight.

ps - tak ambik gambar fog while it's still around?