Thursday, December 14, 2006

Canon 580 EX Flash Gun

Err, mind if I let the pictures do the talking?

It's actually a calculated purchase. Together with the Canon 400D, I received a book of coupons on certain items if bought before the end of this year. Always trying to save money, I decided to get the Canon 580EX flashgun - the same one that Rosli Othman has.

I figured that as I do lots of indoors photography of the family, I "need" one of these, really.

During his recent visit, Rosli Othman managed to convince me to get the off shoe cord as well - which I did as part of a 50% offer from the online shop. Booyah!

Oh well, a lot of studying to do on flash techniques - next time we meet OK Rosli?

Anyone interested to buy a Canon EFS 10-22mm wide angle lens? I have a £75 off voucher, bringing the price of the lens to around £280. Anyone interested just let me know, I'll let you have the voucher free of charge (although I would like the lens, I can't afford it .......... yet, but always happy to help another photo enthusiast).


Rosli Othman said...

muh..jgn tak tido malam pulak hahaha

p/s: u mean EF-S 10-22mm rite?? save it for me please..thank you!

Ikelah said...

congrats for the buy and excellent decision for the off shoe. i wish i have one. 10-22mm at &280-75??? thats very cheap. nikon will be between about RM3200 for 12-24mm.

tak lama lagi buka home studiolah dia. ;)

dyanna said...

Wah wah... somebody is on a shopping spree this Christmas season (w/pun tak menyambutnya).

Careful not to obstruct the lens with the dangling cord there.

The new lens is very cool.

Kynne said...

Mynn, how much is the retail price of the Speedlite 580EX? Here it's around SG$929, though the price at Sim Lim SQ could be lower.

I couldn't find the price of EFS 10-22mm wide-angle. The best one I tried so far (kat photography kedai) was EF24mm f/1.4L USM which is really potong-kepala nyer price of SG$2,800. :(

The next best thing to the best-best EF24mm is EF20mm f/2.8 USM.

What do you think eh? Appreciate your thoughts. :)

mynn said...

the price of the canon EFS 10-22 over here MINIMUM (with vouchers) is around GBP300. to translate that to ringgits would be around RM 1800 (cheaper, right?) and singapore would be $750 eh ye ke?

urm, i would not disclose the price of the speedlite 580EX, but rest assured - it's much cheaper than SG 929 - heh heh heh.

the EF 24 F1.4 and EF20 F2.8 are certainly fast lenses but unfortunately they are not wide enough. compared to our kit lens which starts at 18mm.

I to get that special wide angle view you really need the 10mm so i dont think the EF24mm or EF20mm are worthwhile purchases. i'm sure others would agree ...?

hu.... in order to "save" money, terpaksa berbelanja dalam tahun ni. the vouchers are really good. 75 to 100 pounds off a few lenses.

ps dyanna - i too, tergelak tengok how the cord obstructed the lens in my picture - ada jugak orang lain yang notice! sharp.

the coupon is yours, if you like.

yup very2 cheap it's "only" RM 1800 over here (using coupons). home studio tu cita2 rosli. Now I have to learn how to take natural indoors flash pictures, any tips?

(oh by the way, if anyone would like to purchase a few L lenses, I still have some vouchers remaining - remember, the end date is the 31st of december, hurry if youre interested!)

ikelah said...

dah agak cita cita rosli home studio. tahniah untuk dia....banyak assignment potraits. salam pada dia.

tips for indooor flash? you must be joking! hahaha.... flash pun tak de, nak beri tips.... itu kena tanye ok dengan SB 800 dia.... it seems that during my student days i can afford more to get camera gadgets.:(

anyway, i'll show you some pics taken indoor yesterday...using ED techinques, drop by at tersendeng.

about lenses, i'll go for cost effective. in choosing F1.4 and F1.8, i'll go for F1.8 unless i really need for the speed. in malaysia, the price is 3X more for which i'll use the extra to get another lens or acessories.

Kynne said...

Mynn, tima acih for comments. :) Akan wa pikir sebelum wa beli before going to EU.

I'm not too sure about the price of EFS 10-20mm... I think it's around SG$1,200. Potong kepala. But then kan, I found some pics taken by 10-20mm lens, tengok ni.

Cantik eh?

Anonymous said...

I thought that the parcel was from Santa Claus


myra said...

DigitalRev is a company from Hong Kong right? Did they charge you on tax? I was abt to buy something from them, but I'm a bit unsure abt the tax thingy.

myra said...

Sorry, I didn't mean them, but the Customs Office. Tq!

Rosli said...

Just drop by to see if there are any new updates or should i say any new photos hehehe..Anyway, about that 10-20mm.. lets just say i can just forget about it! Why??? coz i've just spent £426 today! On what?? EF16-35mm L?? I wish!! it's the ******* TuuuuuTT Council Tax!! That bloody *** TuuT Council Tax!! There goes my £££ along with my dream of having one :( soo sad but what can i say/ excuse my "stars" up there..I tengah pasrah ni huhuhuhu :(

mynn said...

actually you're right, I WAS charged on VAT - infact it was £40 for the speedlite 580 Ex. (See that COD sticker on the packet? that stands for Cash On Delivery) I was also caught unawares of this fact.

Having said all that, I totally 200% recommend digitalrev. the support is excellent - i got frequent emails from Audrey @ digitalrev to guide me through the purchase regarding VAT & other offers and the item was delivered -seriously- 2 days after despatch! blazing fast.

However, if you want stuff for cheap, another store i recommend is I bought my 50mm 1.8 lens from here, it was delivered within 5 days AND they will reimburse VAT. How cool!

love the new song on your site, pycno. I'll drop a comment after this...

...hahaha not santa claus lah pycno, more like the birthday fairy (abit late this year).

you know what kynne, I'm just like you. I also like to visit the 10-22mm flickr pool where they showcase pictures only from that particular lens. I LOVE the perspective stretching effect of those lens, nice for landscapes :) also kynne, you know the sigma 10-20mm is also a wide angle lens, and cheaper :)

you know what ikelah, flash techniques are actually very difficult to make the lighting look natural, so prior to this, I'm also not a big fan of flashing (hahaha).

regarding Rosli, ikelah, I think he exclusively likes pictures of of living beings only (animals, humans) and stuff like landscapes, architecture are all second tier in his priority ladder. so i bet he's be saving money for the home studio (infact, dah ajak dah save duit utk bukak studio sama2, hehehe).

mynn said...

semua orang kena bayar council tax lah. kau kena bayar £400 je, murah lah. aku kena bayar £800 utk rumah ni (if im not mistaken, kan bie?)

Kynne said...

Mynn, yeah I know about that Sigma 10-20mm, but not sure how good it can be. I can only go test it out myself (for both Canon and Sigma lens) after my exams next week. :(

Too bad I'm not living there or somewhat, I'd take up on your offer of the free voucher(s)! Bleh beli 2-3 lens. Hehehe...

Oh yeah, you mentioned about your missus and her keen on macro-ism. Sigma macro lens is of top quality as well. I bought the 50mm f/2.8 and it was worth what I paid for when I got it in June. Tapi kan... yang boring nyer, few months after I got that one, they came out with a newer model in the market, 70mm f/2.8. *sobs* Arghh! Sometimes living in the tech-hub of SEA is so not good, when you have super-charged rapid change of gadgets and gizmos. :(

Rosli Othman said...

Mynn...£400 plus tu for 4 months and its like £1300 plus for the whole year! have to save up another £400 plus for Jan and Feb cos there's like 2 months accrued on top of that as well huhuhuhuhu :( nak menitis air mata pun ada tapi sekali lagi aku pasrah...(kalau la JPA buleh cover Council Tax..) Anyway, can't wait till our next meeting..hehehe white and black background dah ready.. make sure you study betul2 notes tu mynn! Nanti kita tutorial sama2 hahaha

mynn said...

eh whoops, aku pun sama: bayar around GBP 109 a month utk council tax. nak buat cammana... negara ni memang mahal.

btw -- best lah flash photography heh heh heh. senang je flash photography::: Guna "P". hahahahahaha!

the excellent thing about Puan Mama Sarah is that she loves pictures; especially of the places we visit, her cooking and the family; so she does tend to encourage me to purchase a few photography equiptment. for example, the DSLR was her idea and she seems very happy with the 50mm lens. however, i think im quite happy with the gear I have now ....... the wide angle & macro will have to wait ....... kannn bie??

Rosli Othman said...

Mynn..u will not always get the right exposure or for that matter the right fill-in if you use 'P' with flash. If you're lucky you'll get it right but half of the time you background wont get enuf light and will turn out dark. There will also be no movement effect or flash & blur since you speed will tend to fix at 1/60. Try the 2 stop rule that i gave you coz i believe that's better since you're in control of you camera. Anyway, our council tax is about £130 plus a month..yours is cheaper la i think.