Monday, April 23, 2007

Memorial Park in Spring

I am currently away from home doing a set of 4 nights - yesterday was, pun not intended, killer - but had it's good moments. Tonight has so far been a lot better.

The change of seasons seems to have thawed my brains from its long hibernation - I suddenly feel like writing and updating my blog more regularly again. What better way to update the blog than writing about our terrific weekend?

We had a terrific weekend. True, the weather wasn't very sunny, but it wasn't raining either. We didn't want to travel far, but didn't want to stay indoors either. The compromise we reached to was to go to the Memorial Park, we knew the park would be in bloom this time in spring. We weren't disappointed.


dyanna said...

Betul ke Spring ni? Nampak macam Autumn jek ... :p (gambar pokok)

pycnogenol said...

I do hope my long weekend will be equally terrific, and hopefully, it will inspire an equally interesting photo entry.

Your brain was hibernating during the winter, but over here my grey matter hasn't been working either, even though there is no snow. This would explain why I have not been productive with my blogging activities.

Beautiful pics, mynn.

Li said...

Muh..birthday party danial bank holiday ni datang tak?? fazuan and clan rasanya datang. hope you guys can make it too! - Li -

mynn said...

i was thinking the same thing, the red trees make it seem like autumn. but you dont get flowers to bloom in autumn do you?

we also have a long weekend coming soon and it seems that rosli has already invited us to cardiff for another birthday party (seems to be the centre for birthday parties his house is). thanks for the complement pycno

nisak macam tak keen sangat nak pergi cardiff, tapi aku always okay je. tengok dulu... but i would love to go. nisak macam nak pegi south e.g. portsmouth masa tu.

smamat said...

Pun? What pun?

Anyway, didn't they know there was someone in your household that can do balet.

dith said...

Pity Nisak! You must have made her twirl around endlessly for those shanpshots.

mynn said...

technically there wasn't a pun, as the pun was not intended. i hate having to explain jokes but the keywords here is "hospital" and "killer" -- you know, with the recent news about spread of hospital acquired infections.........? (err, on second thought, maybe the joke is too obscure, sorry!)

heeeyyyyyyyy - she was twirling on her own accord dith, infact, i was the one who had asked her to stop as my camera was running out of memory and battery trying to track her around (yes - the camera uses battery to track moving subjects around the frame).