Thursday, April 19, 2007


In the off chance that you guys would like to follow my Fotopages, here's the latest image I uploaded of Auntie and Uncle De's son Emyr. I was telling over there how I enjoy taking pictures of both Emyr & Safiya; they both have incredible eyes, smooth and fair skin, and are both just so photogenic. Both are very well behaved too - especially Safiya.

This picture was taken during our recent stay at Auntie and Uncle Wa's house in Essex during the Easter holiday.

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hiyoshi said...

Part of a person's beauty lies in how well the photographer takes his picture - and I do think that you've managed to pull that off ;)

(I have pictures of myself taken when I was asleep. They don't look nice at all, and I blame the friend who took them shoddy photos)

mynn said...

... and the other part of a person's beauty lies in the person photoshopping the photo, haha.

pycnogenol said...

Hiyoshi...budak tu dah comel. You take in whatever pose pun, he'll still look cute. But I always thought that kids are forever cute, including the 'comot-comot' ones.

As for us, (Pycno especially) angle nak kena betul, time of the day is equally important....and let's not forget about the mood, what about colour scheme...and...and...has he forgotten to shave this morning?'s a loooong list really. (Another reason why Pycno has not posted any of his pictures??) ;)

But I think I can trust Mynn's skills at photoshopping. Can I make an appointment?

ifos said...

I agree, kids are forever cute... and looking back, I think I belonged to the comot ones back then. Totally- a lot of my pics seemed to feature me with chocolate smear or milk across my cheek and mouth, to mention a few. hahah.

mynn said...

pycno & hiyoshi
many of my friends who are interested in photography wants to do it for a living - as for me, it's absolutely just a hobby so i guess i'll take pictures of my friends for free ... as for lighting pycno, i guess it's the same for both of us: the best lighting for us is when it's pitch black :p

there are several kinds of comot. Chocolate or milk is still okay, but green snot & drool is probably a no-no.