Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Happy Birthday Amar!


arep said...

adus min..ala² afro pulak org yg pegang cup cake tu hehehe

anne said...

as usual, love the pics, esp the view from upstairs & amar minding his own business in his own world :)

*hugs from aunty anne*

for amar, not for you, mynn!

auntie de said...

muh n nisak,



afie911 said...

Dah comment dekat blog maknya. Takpelah comment kat blog bapaknya jugak. Happy birthday dear Amar!! May you have all the best life can offer and may your life be light by Allah's guidance alway. =)

hiyoshi said...

Happy Birthday little chap! Wishing you brighter days to come :)