Sunday, April 15, 2007

Longford Park

Thanks to D and family for telling us the existence of Longford Park. I have heard of the park before, during my travels along the Coventry Canal - but today was the first time we've had the chance to actually give the park a visit.

All members of our family have been unwell recently with quite a virulent flu. Sarah had spent most of Saturday sleeping, and Amar spent most of today crying. As for me, I'm unwell as well but I've always felt better while at work. I thought that a day out for the family would be good for everyone. It turned out as a semi-good idea. The visit to town with Arep & Dina was spoilt by Amar's constant whimpers but in Longford park everyone seemed to perk up.

Here are some of the pictures we took:


raggedyanne said...

saghah! notty notty! sian amar tau!

its refreshing to see ms doing the funky poses :D

mynn said...

puan mama sarah is well known to do all sorts of poses when taking pictures - but that rings true for yours truly & our friends here too (club photography lah katakan)

it was amar who was pulling grass and placing them on his lap - sarah took it a step further and showered his whole body.

pycnogenol said...

Everytime when Amar sees that photo years from now, Sarah is sure to get a knock on the head. ;)

dyanna said...

I was imagining 'zombie' looks since you guys were down with the flu.. but the pictures proves otherwise (Especially MS, yg nampak sangat gembira).

OK said...

Pictures look great! A bit under the weather but will find time to update my adventures insyaAllah.

Mama Sarah said...

Di, i'm not ill.

mynn said...

huish, tak sangka ada lagi readers on the blog - thanks guys:)

haha, i find it so difficult to imagine amar doing that as amar is so quiet and docile. hopefully the photo will trigger some laughs when they are much older.

earlier, much prior to the above pictures, amar & sarah were both crying in town and it made it very difficult for us to do our shopping/eat. In the park though, probably because they could roam & chase each other they perked up. We call puan mama sarah our "painkiller jane" - as, like wolverine, she's rarely ill, even if she is, she heals very fast.

are you unwell as well? gosh, i heard of people in america getting unwell at around the same time - is there a pandemic?

afie911 said...

I liked the bottom most picture and the 3rd one from the bottom (the one of amar and the mum knudging their heads together). It's sooo sweet. *heart melts* =)

mynn said...

unfortunately no one to take pictures of me with amar & sarah!