Saturday, April 21, 2007

Icecreams by the Pond

Spring is such a wonderful season. After the cold winter, spring is like the finish line after a long marathon, or the breath of fresh air after a long dive. We are all just so happy to welcome this wonderful season.

The Thursday just past, after a particularly efficient and productive afternoon, the team decided to hold an picnic "audit discussion" in the hospital's pocket park. We even brought (my favourite icecream) Soleros, coffee and food to share outdoors. The team's morale was increased several hundredfold while we were gazing at the tadpoles and the water-snake in the pond, absorbing the sun and enjoying our icecreams and coffee, exchanging stories, jokes & anecdotes.

It was certainly a day to remember for years ahead!

  1. This picture is from last year, at the time we had the "audit discussion" I was so wishing I had my camera to capture the moment.
  2. It was only when I got home that I remembered - I did have a camera; my mobile phone! D'oh.
  3. Our code word for tea break is "journal club", and from now onwards our code word for "enjoying the sun outside" would be "audit discussion".


hiyoshi said...

I used to have that kind of codeword too. I'd go to my friends' (a pair of twins) house for a 'diskusi' session - which turned out to be a ping-pong playing session :D

mynn said...

using code words is a convenient way to make the other members of the team think we're doing something much more productive - tee hee.