Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Loving This Song

Man, loving this song at the mo!


pycnogenol said...

Such a soothing and simply wonderful song. Give me the feel-good feeling. I've fallen 'in love at first hearing' of the song.

Thanks Mynn.

P/S Pycno quickly making a mental note, and start to psycho-analyse Mynn through his songs...

OK said...

Reminds me of Sommerfield and Hot Fuzz.. ;)

hiyoshi said...

I don't suppose this song is, in any way, a reflection of your personality Mynn?

And just after that comment you left on Pycnogenol's site. The cheek!

mynn said...

so did you get a glimpse into my dark soul just now pycno? -haha- joking aside, glad to share the songs i like with you pycno - i know you like songs too. Travis: closer is the name of the song.

glad you've seen hot fuzz. great movie isn't it? i had to watch it alone at the cinemas. Tomorrow i'm going out with my friends at work for Spiderman 3 ---- can't WAITZHSHS!!!!!

every song one hears reflects a bit about his/her personality hiyoshi - whether they know it or not. Also, it reflects the person's state of mind, or emotional status. so, in answer to your question, the song does reflect a bit of what i'm like --- but only a bit :D

hiyoshi said...


I am now analysing the lyrics of that song and trying to come up with a partial conclusion to what kind of person are you actually.

mynn said...

what have you made out so far man? interested to know.

mynn said...

ps hiyoshi
i'm a very shallow guy - what you see is what you get - unlike puan mama sarah who underneath a calm surface hides a sea of complexities.

many women are like that to me though - deep & confusing to read.

hiyoshi said...


After observing the lyrics, I've come to the conclusion that you are a man missing his wife.

Oh, one more thing Mynn. Not many women are like that - deep and confusing to read. All of them are.