Friday, April 13, 2007


I've been brewing this post for a week now on my blogger, but so far the only thing I've managed to do is upload the pictures. Nowadays, I really find it difficult to find scraps of time for me to update both the site as well as this. On top of everything, I have been burying my face in books for the good part of the past 3 weeks (the bad kind of books - fiction, specifically Phillip Pullman's His Dark Materials Trilogy - I'm happy to discuss these books with anyone interested :)

Anyway, It is very rare when the elements come together so very nicely as it had last week. For the extended 4 day Easter holiday weekend, both yours truly and auntie De had been exempted from oncalls (rare). We had planned it for weeks before, and successfully executed - we all travelled to Brighton for an excellent visit. Even rarer still was how beautiful and hot the weather was - a phenomenon that lasted for only around 4 days before we got the all too familiar grey skies, and foggy days again.

I think the pictures would tell the story better than I ever could:

Last weekend - for Easter holidays - our families travelled together to Brighton, to visit the popular Brighton pier.

Puan Mama Sarah had been before, but I had always heard how wonderful Brighton is - and it has always been my intention to go. Brighton was even better than I expected - little could I imagine how packed, full of activity, beautiful and inspiring the carnival that is Brighton would be.

The seaside was absolutely PACKED with people. In fact, I dare to say I've never ever been to a beach this packed with people before. I calculated that around every 3 metres square would be filled by at least one individual - either human or animal. I also learned about the skeletal remains of the burnt down pier - seen in the picture above.

It was gracious of Uncle & Auntie De's family to accommodate us, and then accompany us the long (around 2 hours) journey to Brighton. I hope they had enjoyed it as much as we did.

I found out that the beach was not sandy. Walking on these pebbles bare-footed was quite a painful experience - akin to accu-pressure (or so I was told).

Sarah was initially afraid of the cold waters - but in the end both Sarah and I dipped our legs.

Even the normally tethered Amar enjoyed playing with the pebbles - sorting, gathering, stacking. In the end, it was him who was most upset when we had to leave.

--- commentary to be continued, for now sleep is priority ---


raggedyanne said...

uncle de looks 18!

exdua said...

raggedynne silap tu, uncle de IS 18 ...hahahha

mynn said...

anne & exdua (uncle de)
all of us are 18

pycnogenol said...

Ah Brighton and the pebbled beach!!!....Pycno was still single then, and I remember going to Brighton all by refreshing and wonderful!!

Thanks for the memories...

mynn said...

it's funny for me to imagine there was a time when you were still single & you enjoyed travelling alone. as for me pycno, i started enjoying travelling only after having a family. Pleasure is all ours showing you these pictures.