Saturday, March 31, 2007

Althorp Night Out

On Thursday night, my team at work arranged for a night out as some members of the team are leaving next week.

Right after work we drove to a retail park around 15 minutes away from the hospital. There's a movie theatre and several restaurants around the area - ideal for a night out.

(Illuminated buildings are so incandescent at dawn)

As was pre-planned, we all agreed to watch the latest movie - 300 together at the Odeon cinema. We bought tickets for the luxury seats, lots of popcorn and coke and all of us truly enjoyed the movie. The movie itself was really excellent, I can't wait to get it on Bluray.

Afterwards, we went for a meal at the Indian restaurant nearby.

My friend is fascinating to watch when he's talking - he's becomes so animated.

Ordering our dinner

Above is our order

It has been an excellent team - it's a pity we have to say goodbye to a few members.


afie911 said...

I've watched 300. Bloody! =D
Nice people you work with.

smamat said...

300 should only get 3 stars. I'd give Gladiator 5 stars :)

Li said...

i like this entry. the pics are all nicely exposed. excellent mix of ambient and flash. btw, congrats on your new promotion. u deserve it! buleh la tambah another L kikikiki..