Monday, March 05, 2007

Please visit my Fotopages too

Many people have approached me asking why I haven't updated my blog more regularly. To be honest, lately I've been shifting my attention to other matters: work, playing with the kids and my various other interests. However, I am still active on the net especially on my Fotopages:

My intention was to post my less bad photographs and boring, photography related writings over there while posting everything else over here in Blogger - like journals and stuff. Unfortunately, due to the bad winter weather there has not been much of the "everything else" lately and thus the blog has been left barren.

Of course it is my intention to continue blogging, and there are half written posts in my drafts folder - just waiting for them to cook a bit longer. I've learnt the importance of blogging - the meetings with other bloggers recently - like Momad, Arep, Alynn, D - has made me realise how nice it is to finally meet friends we make on the net. Hopefully more of these in the future.

Also, now that the weather (and the car - loooooong story!) have improved, we are already planning future excursions with Auntie & Uncle De and Rosli & family. Can't wait!!!

Remember - check my fotopages too for updates.


Li said...

excursions!! i like....let's drive to europe in one large MPV with a cool SAT-NAV kikiki..anyone up for it??

p/s: Mynn, I've heard about this tagged plus 6 odd things about u but i don't now the rules..where do you want me to list all those things? and what do i do next?

OK said...

Sorry I have not been so active on the blog as before.. Stresses of work and all..

Actually I have been thinking of what to write. My wife has many ideas, I may write about Magic the gathering a little or maybe COH, currently my favourite game.

Hmm give me some time... maybe I will write about my current project..rumah Kuantan.. hehehe.. I am trying to convince KKL that we really need that X Series Bravia LCD screen... wish me luck!

mynn said...

jom jalan??? cuaca akan okay soon.

baca aku punya fotopages ada rule dia.

do write about the videogames you play - boleh aku baca. good luck getting the LCD dude.

hiyoshi said...

" nice it is to finally meet friends we make on the net."

I'm hoping you'll be saying that after you come back to Malaysia to meet the local bloggers :)

raggedyanne said...

If you're coming back to M'sia, I want to 'chup' you & MS 1st. Jangan takutt, I won't serve you my famous 'charcoal' mac&cheese or my bantat cakes. Kona mai penang dulu, nooo...

Ahhh, finally you kena the '6 weird things' meme. But you cheat ah, all those things not so weird leh. I suspect you're holding back most of the weirdness :)

OK said...

To Mynn,

Thanks for the encouragement. We will see. At the moment I am excited about things finally getting off the ground in Kuantan. Once the water supply is in we can start transplanting the flowers, plants and etc to Kuantan. Need to build a shady pergola though to ensure that some of the more sensitive plants do not get scorched by the sun.

I wanted to write about some of the improvement projects we are thinking of doing in the house but KKL says better not, as the things have not happened yet. So better to keep a tight lip for now.

That means I will be limited to CoH and Magic the Gathering. I must admit my mission to free Europe has stalled somewhat with my weekends currently occupied and weekdays full. On Magic I will wirte about some of our decks and perhaps get some pointers on how to make a good one. At the moment the current favourite is Rituals of Rebirth, a deck that enables any dead creature to come back into play. -Hehehe more on that later


mynn said...

cant wait to meet the local bloggers, i just hope i will have the time and money to travel :(:(

oh no! at least the activated charcoal from the mac&cheese or pizza will nullify all the other toxins :p ... only joking anne, i'm sure any food you serve (especially if bought) will be delicious :p

actually i felt quite -urm, what's the word ?touched?- to be invited. Insya allah will visit you anne - my brother is up there too. it'll be like killing two birds with one poisonous mac&cheese - muahahahaha.

my god, i've been quite busy lately now that i've upscaled to the senior rota. i'm oncall much more frequent now with greater responsibilities. however, i'm enjoying it thoroughly while it lasts. as for me mate, i've been watching tonnes of movies lately, recommended ones are:
1. pan's labyrinth
2. Hot fuzz
3. Babel
4. apocalypto
5. flag of our fathers & iwo jimak
in terms of games, i'm looking forward to play final fantasy XII, currently playing and absolutely enjoying Okami.

pycnogenol said...

We are looking forward to meeting you and Mama Sarah too. Bila nak balik agak nya?

moby said...

Hope to meet up with you and your family if you're ever in Singapore, Mynn! Then we'll show you all the best makan places here! ;)

I know what you did last week said...


mynn said...

balik insya allah very2 soon. planning our journey already.

insya allah! with the delicious food you always put up on your blog, the offer is easy to accept :D

what you did
heh heh heh, unboxing in the post following.