Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Althorp Ward

Before you guys read any further, I'd be honoured if you guys wouldn't mind jumping over to my fotopages to see the edited version of these photos. Thank you. They are much better than these Picasa processed ones.

I haven't updated for a while, so let me reveal that I am currently working in endocrinology, now as a senior senior house officer (SSHO).

Yup, it seems that the hospital I work in has seen it fit to promote me to a more senior level despite in my opinion that there are so many other superior candidates there. I've heard the rumours several days before I was actually officially informed - and I was quick to the rumours as impossible. I was EXTREMELY shocked when the clinical director stopped me along the ward corridor to offer the promotion. I humbly accepted. I've now worked as a senior for around 2 months. Initially I didn't post about it on this blog as I myself couldn't believe everything and it has taken all this while for it to sink in.

Honestly, being a senior does change many things. There are slightly more responsibilities, and there are many more opportunities to do the "fun things" during oncalls (my first night oncalls as a senior SHO we had to insert a cardiac pacemaker - a process that took 6 hours! It was darn exciting).

That's the explanation why my return to Malaysia has been slightly delayed - but just for several months. I am definitely, absolutely, positively going back to Malaysia very, very soon - frighteningly soon, in fact. My parents seemed to encourage me to gain experience training in a more senior post.

Anyway, I am so happy to be working in my current ward. My colleagues are absolutely amazing to work with - the nurses and doctors are all hardworking and friendly. The ward is extremely efficient and our consultants are cool & very supportive. It really is a great team - it probably is one of the best wards I've worked in so far.

All the pictures above were taken today in my ward. The first few pictures are the doctors having what we call "journal club", which is a code we utilise to indicate "having a break for tea or coffee while occasionally discussing medical matters".

The first four pictures are of the other doctors in my team, the second last picture is of some of the nurses. The last picture is of the ward, my favourite ward Sister and our House Officer.

Remember, better pictures on my Fotopages.


dith said...


How I envy you to be bestowed by such
beautiful job experience. A good post with terrific senior and junior colleagues. Many doctors would die for your position.

Thus I understand why you are putting off coming back here. And your dad is right. Maybe doing istikhorah is the best.

dith said...

Btw, the Indian male doctor looks exactly like your former registrar in Cardiology

hiyoshi said...

I reallly admire your enthusiasm when it comes to work. I am still trying to achieve a similar degree of enthusiasm to sit for this exam ~

Ajzie said...

Alhamdulilah and Tahniah...

arep said...

min..CONGRATS!! kena kuar makan celebrate ni min!

Anonymous said...

Congrats, I suppose u ought to change the "about me" section to SS. I think at the mo only 1 S available. hehehe

mynn said...

it has it's trials and tribulations but overall my work experience here has indeed been excellent. Actually my stay in this country is coming to it's very end quite soon. im looking forward to being in malaysia and meeting my parents. btw dith, that male doctor is my former colleague in Naseby ward.

The returns are what keep me motivated - cup of tea every mid-morning, friendly doctors and nurses, excellent learning opportunities AND most importantly, at the end of a tiring day, i would still have time to sit and spend time with my family. and we have extra time sometimes over the weekend or the evenings to pursue other interests.

thank you

hahaha - dah lama dah lah arep. dah nak 2 bulan dah.

as you said, i should. one of these days i will change the whole wording to something else totally.

dyanna said...

congratulations mynn!!!