Sunday, March 18, 2007

Weekend in Solihull, Birmingham

This weekend, Arep & Dina invited us to explore Solihull, in Birmingham. The town is around 30 minutes from where we live and we were all nicely surprised at how pleasant the town was - the layout is tidy, with great shops and also a shopping centre; Touchwood. In fact, the town reminds me a lot of Chester near where Auntie and Uncle De used to live.

Touchwood shopping centre.

Touchwood is great - it all the famous and necessary shops on the ground floor and restaurants on the top floor. It has nice architecture - especially the interiors where each wing would feature a unique theme and design.

We convened with Arep and Dina for lunch at Wagamama. I had the chance to try out Arep's camera and vice versa.

... oh yes, and the food was delicious too.

Amar was pampered Arep & Dina.

Trying out Arep's Canon 350D and new Sigma 10-20mm lens.

Even Puan Mama Sarah had a go (see Dith? She looks like a pro already doesn't she?)

Puan Mama Sarah managed to do some shopping, I offered her a new handbag for as something for herself as I had bought the lens but she didn't take up on the offer (???)

Even Sarah enjoyed herself on the various rides around the city centre.

It's enjoyable to explore other towns nearby - some look remarkably different from Coventry, it's quite refreshing really. Easter is coming up soon and there's a 4 day holiday. Looking forward to going somewhere if the weather looks okay.

I've updated my fotopages as well with some pictures from yesterday. Have a good weekend everyone.



ikelah said...

great outing and moments captured.

"Puan Mama Sarah managed to do some shopping, I offered her a new handbag for as something for herself as I had bought the lens but she didn't take up on the offer (???)"

what she nedds is a dslr, not another bag. ;)

dith said...

Yes she definitely act like a pro. I bet she can easily get a job as a photojournalist when you are back here, :p

But Nisak, why did you turn down that Burberry bag offer??!!

auntie de said...

i love these:

get her the camera AND a burberry kit bag

mynn said...

hahaha, she's been giving heavy hints about wanting a handbag ever since december - it'd be dense of me to miss them, and cruel to ignore so i offered and she REFUSED?!

do you know how to hold ikelah's camera, dith ??????? (more important is, can you handle his long lens? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha) :p i think nisak has talent as a food photographer, but she needs to do more research & look at more pictures - she pointed me to a great website for food photography a few weeks back. my hard disk is full of her photos which i'm asking her to delete!

auntie de
hahaha, ive heard of the burberry laptop bag before, cool huh. buat apa weekend ni? nak meet up?

mynn said...

ps dith
please blame boogey for the joke above. thank you.

yours sincerely


dyanna said...

Bravo MamaSarah for holding the camera high!

I'll get a little self-concious when I take my little camera out of my bag and snap pictures, I (think) noticed a few glances from by-passers looking at me and think to themselves, "You want to take a picture of this??!". And also I'm afraid of being a snatch theft victim because of my camera. I guess I am a little bit paranoid.

hiyoshi said...

I second ikelah's suggestion of getting Puan Mama Sarah a DSLR...

...then we'll have an additional fotopages to ogle at :P

mynn said...

puan mama sarah IS in actual fact considering starting a fotopages of her own ............ i saw her doing the registration last night.

i get conscious as well pointing the camera at passers by, and i do feel paranoid that someone would snatch my camera/bag away. in the UK so far, many youngsters have asked me to take pictures of them while i've been photographing. weird.

pycnogenol said...

OK so Puan Mama Sarah didn't take up on the offer (???)......???

But, did you insist Mynn? (Puan Mama Sarah, tolong jawab soalan ini!!!)

Pycno sekadar nak tahu aje, (having his own Puan Ma..and knowing and understanding too well her behaviour by now...ehem..ehem....;)

DITH and ikelah - jangan dok tergelak!!

mynn said...

OF COURSE i insisted ... i kept asking and asking.

if you want to know - puan mama sarah's and my tastes in her handbags differ slightly. Puan mama sarah prefers the classic, old ladies kinda bags and i prefer for her to choose the cleaner, tidier, more modern kind . so, over the weekend was a rare occasion where both of us agreed that the handbags on display were to our tastes.

so of course i insisted, finding another occasion such as this would be during the next blue moon's eclipse (i heard it's rarer than a blue moon).

pycnogenol said...

So Puan Mama Sarah, apasal awok tolak rezeki yang telah jatuh ke riba tu????

P/S: Agaknya Puan Mama Sarah pun dok menggaru kepala nya yang tidak gatal juga sekarang.... ;)

As for us both Mynn, we should thank Allah for having bestowed upon us undemanding and forever grateful Puans.


mynn said...

you've said it man. I'm proud puan mama sarah is not very demanding in terms of worldly things. In fact I'm the one who occasionally have to push her to get this and that