Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Banana Cake Tastes Better When...

While I was busy at work seeing cardiac arrests and attending poorly patients, D came over to our house with her children for a pre-arranged tea party with Puan Mama Sarah and the rest of the family. The piece de resistance was D's banana cake, pictured above.

I only had some after I eventually came back from work, but the banana cake was absolutely freaking delicious. Well done D! Now that I'm working in endocrinology and seeing lots of diabetic cases I keep thinking of insulin resistance especially after eating something like this - nauzubillah.

Looking forward for more lovely desserts by Puan Mama Sarah and D in the future. Come often , D!

Both pictures above were taken by - who else? - Puan Mama Sarah. I love the 2nd picture of D's four children. Her kids have such attention pulling eyes which sparkles in photographs. Notice Amar sitting solitary in the background. The photo really captures his character, where while excitement is happening elsewhere, he is happy to sit by himself watching Toy Story.


dith said...

So when does a banana cake taste better??

I love both pics. Both had captured the essence of the subjects well. Mynn, I think it's time for you to hand over the DSLR to Nisak.

Re: Amar. I didnt notice he was at the background. Perhaps he follows your behaviour when you were small or Nisak's even? Frankly speaking, I'd be happy if my kids were like him as long as he doesnt display any autistic signs.

Btw, re: Insulin resistance. I understand that they are treating metabolic disorder aggressively nowadays. The slightest sign of pre-diabetic disorder i.e. mild GTT impairment will warrant hypoglycemic agents. True?

pycnogenol said...

Dith - I'll answer that question. It will ALWAYS taste better when shared. The eyes in the second pic says it all!! Yang kecil sekali tu comel sangat!! Semua baru balik sekolah, eh??

Mama Sarah said...

Bby, Cheesecake lah!

p/s: habislah basi cerita I...

DITH: I takut nak pegang camera orang lah. conscious tangan berminyak, kotor etc... nanti rosak tak pasal kena beli baru.

Pycno: balik sekolah terus datang rumah kita for tea.

D said...

adoi... you make me feel so bad: invading your house when you're not home to have tea parties with the missus!! Ampun, ampun! Kasik can la, ladies time-out to chit-chat. Sorry, doc - so much sugar there: toffee made purely from 1 can of condensed milk. I promise to exercise more today and drink an extra litre of water too!

Ajzie said...

Nice picture, semua baju colour biru....nampak menarik.. Amar tak perasan langsung ada di sofa belakang.

dith said...


The cake looks fab. The way Mynn described it, I am sure it's so good. Care to share the recipe?

mynn said...

banana cake tastes better ...
... when I'm not around!

re: insulin resistance, no i think impaired glucose tolerance in this country is still treated with diet. then hypoglycaemic agents then insulin.

yeah, the small one and his sister are both very cute, no?

hehehe, no, of course i dont mind you guys having delicious cake and tea without me -- of course not!

did you just say in that cake there's 1 CAN OF CONDENSED MILK????
siap lah korang tua karang...

amar tu memang senyap orang nya. I like the harmony produced by the blue uniforms too

you have to taste it to believe it, man. The cake was wonderful - starbucks quality wonderful. (with 1 can of condensed milk - no wonder it is!)

dyanna said...

Oh, the cake reminds me I have buy a cake for my parents birthday this month.