Saturday, March 24, 2007

Photoshop CS3


ikelah said...

thanks for the magazine, very informative and lots of tips. just met momad today since he got back from london. he is on hols untuk his exam in april. the mag has a very good review on macro. with the review, boogey will be 100% for the sp90.

have you watched 300 the movie? the comic like effects shot with bluescreen? the rendering is just like the HDRIs'.

thanks again... will be looking for the retail CS3. ;)

mynn said...

regarding the magazine, my pleasure. It's a coincidence that the magazine of that month is about macro lenses and macro tips - so i decided to give the magazine to you for your reference. cant wait to see Boogey's pictures with the tamron SP90 - how much is it in malaysia? here it's 300 pounds.

i will be seeing 300 very, very soon. just waiting for some free time. I'm also just waiting to see Last Mimsy, and Meet the Robinsons - at the cinemas this weekend (but i'm oncall that weekend).

ikelah said...

as for sp90 at 300 pounds is expensive. its about RM1300-RM1350 here. actually he is searching for a good secondhand with range of RM800-RM1000 with KIV a new one. ;)

thanks for the mag again.

hiyoshi said...

When the Photoshop CS3 clip wouldn't play on this computer (in the library), I thought of posting up a youtube clip showing a clueless cartoon character scratching his head as a response to this entry of yours.

Then I realised, how would I know if the clip really is showing a clueless cartoon character scratching his head when I can't preview it beforehand?


mynn said...

it is marginally cheaper in malaysia isn't it? I think it's due to the fact that in malaysia you guys dont have to pay the 17.5% VAT (tax)- reducing the price down very significantly. as for me, my next lens would probably be a sigma 10-20mm. we'll see...

i bought bully! still hasn't arrived yet. can't wait to get my paws on it. my plan is to keep bully mint in the wrapping until i finish my current game: Okami. Have you tried Okami? It's 500% amazing! a must buy. seriously.