Monday, February 05, 2007

Our Unplanned Weekend

It has been a hectic weekend, and I finally have something to blog about. We've finally managed to get ourselves out of our winter hibernation.

We had the pleasure of Rosli and family's impromptu visit to Coventry on Saturday. They told us about their plans to come on Saturday morning itself! No matter, as it is always a pleasure for any of our friends to come over. I was slightly worried by the fact that my car was at that time undergoing repairs but thankfully, the car was miraculously fixed the same day despite the mechanic initially saying otherwise. That's one whole other story.

Whenever Rosli comes to visit, two things are a must: (1) Food (2) Photography. In terms of photography, our experimentation this weekend was outdoor photography with multiple flash units. The concept is more or less simple: we used two flash guns - the master unit on Rosli's Canon 30D and the slave unit overhead the model. Outside, the day was extremely sunny and Rosli was shooting against the sun. The picture above is one of the, shall we say, less extreme example. It was a brilliant session, one that I have learnt a lot from.

Another thing about Rosli and wife is that, they are EXTREMELY spontaneous. Probably even more so that yours truly. Anyway, without any prior plans at all - on Sunday we all suddenly came to the consensus of visiting Oxford, in the quest to find the legendary and mythical "Halal KFC". After almost an hour of circling the town centre on an empty stomach to find even an inch of parking space and failing miserably, we gave up the search and instead, settled for lunch/dinner at a halal restaurant called Chicken Cottage instead. Chicken Cottage has been a long time favourite ours - ever since our days in Cardiff.

No visit to Oxford is complete without meeting our Fotopages photography friend Alynn. I have always wanted to meet up Alynn & Rosli - both are extremely creative and enthusiastic photographers and I'm sure a meeting between the two could produce terrifying results (whoops, I meant "terrific" :p ... or did I?). Above is Alynn alluring a young one into the addiction of photography - tsk tsk. Again, we would like to heartily thank Alynn for her hospitality despite her busy schedule. Thank you so much, and please come to visit us in Coventry one day if you can!

All in all, it has been a terrifying (I meant "terrific" but "terrifying" is also appropriate what with the number of hyperactive little ones climbing, pushing, jumping, wrestling, crying and pooing) weekend. I'm already looking forward to the next!

Later! Oyasumi readers.


moby said...

Lovely pics as usual, Mynn. I especially like the one with you and Amar. Nice contrast. Like some rock album cover. Cool!

anne said...

sebijik cam muka mama dia!

ayumi said...


Very nice pictures!

I'm currently in Ireland.. it is so cold here (of course, as compared to india!).. Hope to visit the UK if it's possible :P

mynn said...

hey, whereabouts in ireland? if you make it across to the UK and want to meet up - LETS! we'll belanja lunch or dinner.

yup, rosli memang sebijik muka mama dia.

hey thanks as usual mate, however it was rosli's planning that has made the picture

raggedyanne said...

i meant danial LOL bukan cik li kita!

mynn said...

i know, just pulling your leg as usual as you were so ambiguous.

alynn said...

haha really like the candid shot with danial n sara tu. any more photos? could u please email them to me? :D i'll email the ones i've taken as well.
insyaAllah ada rezeki sampai gak kt coventry :)
thank u for coming! dtg lg ya! ;)