Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Cardiology Team

It has been such a long while since I've last updated the blog that it doesn't feel second nature anymore logging in to my account! Anyway, this time I just would like to share with you guys some pictures of my current cardiology team. By the end of this month, some of us will be staying and most of us are leaving. It just so happened that this week most of us in the team were present for work that I thought it'd be a good photo opportunity to remind me of the great team I've had the pleasure of working with these past couple of months in Cardiology.

Above is some of the team members but by far not all of us. Many are not in the picture due to (a) religious reasons - apparently some people do not believe in their pictures being taken (b) some of us were on annual leave (c) some were oncall.

This is one of my registrar - and also a great friend. I have absolutely learnt A LOT of cardiology and medicine from all the discussions we've had. He is extremely dedicated, helpful and supportive to all of us juniors and I wish him all the best in his future career in cardiology. I couldn't have wished for a better senior.

Above two are some of my best friends in cardiology. Together, we've ploughed through good times and especially the worst of times sorting out various difficult situations all that funnily seems not that terrible in retrospect.

In the background is our extremely organised ward clerk. Thanks to her the notes are all well organised and streamlined. This spot seems to be our favourite for various discussions - probably due to the strategic proximity to the x-ray viewing box.

Didn't I say this spot is our favourite for discussions? Above are our two registrars - our seniors if you will - engaging in heated discussion regarding patient management. Seriously, both our seniors are absolutely excellent & supportive. Darn intelligent too, both of them.

No medical team is complete without caring and hardworking nurses - and above are ours. Top picture shows our nurses in what is called "barrier nursing", measures we take to prevent cross infection between patients - a rampant problem in hospitals nowadays. The picture below is a nurse diligently preparing an intravenous medication.

This is our house officer - the youngest in our team. Despite fresh from medical school, our house officer is extremely efficient, hardworking, earnest and quite knowledgeable too.

Above is our (messy) doctor's station - the tiny desk we all share, complete with a computer terminal for checking blood results, x-ray films and write referrals.

Yes, it has been an educational, fun yet sometimes hairy past couple of months - it's difficult to think that 6 months in cardiology has come and gone so quickly. I've been blessed with an excellent team; from the consultants right down to the house officers - that most of the working days have been tolerable at worst.

Here's to our cardiology team!


dith said...


Had problems leaving comments here using firefox. had to use MIE baru boleh.

Anyway, great team you have there. ALhamdulillah. Curious that there are ppl who are against taking their pics?

Btw, bukan main registrar tu pelok nurse tu! Shows how amicable they are eh? :p

*mujoq tak dak gambo Mynn pelok nurse...haru biru Nisak dibuatnya !!

mynn said...

haha, i still have a visitor to my blog!

well, the person who is against his picture taken is a muslim - and he did explain that it is not set in stone but he doesn't believe in taking pictures. He also doesn't take any mortgages and stuff like that.

regarding the nurse, my registrar is single so he could afford being that friendly. as for me dith, i'm "married with two kids!!!" remember? so i'm not at all like that :) my days at work are filled with thoughts of the family

dyanna said...

mana registrar yg single tu?

mynn said...

ps. unless it's Scarlett Johansson

ewah ewah dyanna.....! the single registrar is the one hugging the nurse :) I had to ask nisak what kepochi means.

dyanna said...

you HAD to tell me the single one is HUGGING the nurse, eh?

not so kepochi any more.

anne said...

mynn, tried leaving a comment a few days ago abt this entry but had problems (yah u do have visitors!). Ni baru boleh. I have to tell u tht my fav pic is the lady in the 3rd pic. I think it's a gorgoeus pic.

mynn said...

hey, he's single, so he could afford doing all those things!

she's probably my best friend in cardiology. argh, it's difficult to choose a best friend.