Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Happy Birthday Anne

Happy birthday to my long time, dear blogger friend - Anne. It's been great knowing you through reading your blog, a blog that is full of positive energy, humour and wit. My favourite thing about you has always been the fact that you're "easy target" to make fun of (in a good way, of course).

Hope you've had a great day today on your birthday, and I hope for many more happy days to come.

Love from your friends: Mynn, Puan Mama Sarah & Family.

(Could you tell them apart? Mother and daughter looks freakishly identical! Don't you think?)

Images freely stolen from Anne's blog. (Help yourselves, feel free!)


dyanna said...

I'm seeing double!

raggedyanne said...

wahwahwah!!! i feel so...
flabbergasted! 1st I'm flattered for having the honour of this special entry (and the puji-pujian yg sungguh mengembangkan), then I feel a little annoyed that u think I'm a sitting duck!
LOL, thnks a bunch u guys. My day, otherwise would have been a dreary one if it wasn't for this.

p/s: I didn't know the word 'spunk' has double meanings! That's why you're so amused, riiight??

moby said...

Wah! For a moment there I thought I stumbled upon Anne's secret blog. Tribute to her on her birthday rupanye .... hehe! :D

Pics stolen eh? Anne, quick! Call the photo police!

arep said...

happy birthday!!!

mynn, snow bes ari ni..arghhh kena pegi keje!!

mynn said...

note also that anne looks exactly like her mom did in those pictures. Eerie!

like shooting fish in a barrel anne.
i know the word has a double meaning as i made the same mistake a while ago! i had my whole team laughing. definitely not something you'd want to say in public.

heh heh heh, stealing pictures from anne's blog to change & display them later is a little wicked hobby of mine...

best??? Susah nak drive pergi kerja! tapi cantik scenery, tak?

pinkyjumbo said...

a'ah sama!! anne, you & i same lah. we have very lil hair wonder our nuhas pun gitu jugak :D

mynn, memang seronok sakat si anne ni eh? she's a gd sport!

mynn said...

thank goodness she's a good sport. there is an art to menyakat orang though - one has to know the arbitrary line for which not to step over. unfortunately, i have yet to master that art!