Saturday, February 03, 2007


This was a picture I captured and edited only today - of my cheeky little Sarah. The picture was taken at sunset, and I had to beg and plead for Sarah to lie on our bed, the radiant setting sun shining on her through an open window. It was a bonus that Sarah, who didn't want to be there in the first place, wanted to cheekily stick out her tongue. The wonderful catchlights in her eyes are from bounced light from the flash.


dyanna said...

I like this potrait photo :)

dith said...

I think Kate Moss did the same pose before, :p

hiyoshi said...

She does look cheeky - look at those cheeks!

Paul Moss said...

Great lighting. Great pose. Great shot. Lately I noticed I've been very generous in giving positive comments to people. I'm getting old I think.

Li said...

I think this is your best work since you got the 400D! this should be on a canvas hanging on your wall man :D

mynn said...

nowadays i favour taking continuous portraits of the little ones as, to my eyes, they seem to grow more and more every passing day.

Kate moss must have copied sarah then :p

tembam eh? don't tell that to Sarah though - she's already very image conscious.

paul moss
seriously, you have gotten more generous in your comments. whichever though, i dont mind criticism as long as they're fair & constructive. In fact, i have learnt ALOT from yours and ikelah's tips.

hahaha, thanks li. speaking of which- you should at leastttt get the 50mm prime, man. your photos just wont look the same.

ajzie said...

tertinggal n3 ini.. great picture. Sarah pun comel

ayumi said...


Macam ala-ala model pulak.. so cheeky!

alynn said...

absolutely LOVE this! :)

ibu aisyah said...

lovely picture...totally dig this!