Saturday, February 10, 2007

Our family this weekend

This weekend has been a particularly uneventful one so far for me. The snow has finally stopped falling, and whatever's left of the snow has already melted, crushing my hopes of bringing the camera on an outing to capture more winter landscapes.

I have mainly stayed indoors with Amar today - while Sarah and PMS have been busy going out to town. Anyway, I just would like to share some pictures of the family.

Just now, I saw Sarah and Amar playing and joking happily together. They were laughing, poking, rolling and cajoling - it was so funny to see. It's very nice to see the two junior family members getting along so well with each other, I couldn't help but laugh along with them.

Sarah turned this good boy:

Into this:

Just look at the trail of saliva from him laughing so much!

Just would like to share one last picture of the recent snow. What I love about the picture is that the flash highlighted the falling snow drops - further emphasising the fact that it was snowing.

This weekend, the topic of the photography magazine I bought is "Low Light Photography". It's a topic I am most interested in. Anwyay, I have learnt something new - blending flash with ambient light. If you could compare the picture above with the picture below you'd see what I mean. Both pictures were taken using flash, but in the picture above I stand out too much and the flash seems harsh. In the picture below, PMS seems to blend in with the surrounding light. Notice the highlight on top of her hijab from the room's light.

I can't wait to try this technique outdoors - I hope it works!

Above is a picture of Sarah jumping on the bed. To me it's a study of human agility.

Finally, our thoughts and prayers go to a friend ours who is currently recovering from surgery. We hope the surgery was 200% successful and that the recovery is swift and full. Our thoughts also go to his family.

1. Picture above is stolen from someone's Fotopage - sorry! I'll take the picture down should there be any requests - promise.
2. After reading my post up there again, I've just realised how incoherent & inarticulate I have become - sorry readers. I have yet to fully recover from my blogger's block.


afie911 said...

Your kids are adorable!
Your wife's a cutie..
Hehhe. Enjoy the snow while it last.

dyanna said...

eee... air liur menjejeh-jejeh...heheh.. Sarah has truly brought the inner side of Amar out this day.

the last picture.. is it a picture of the inside of a brain?

ayumi said...


Hehe.. seronoknya Amar! Sampai to that extent.. Apa secret Sarah agaknya.. :P I've sent you an e-mail about going to UK, hope you've received it :)

moby said...

Mynn, inarticulate you may have become (temporarily I hope!), but if pictures say a thousand words, then I think you're still as coherent as ever! :)

mynn said...

they may look cute & adorable, but ...

haha, it seems that amar has yet to gain full body control hence the secretions... amar has always seemed quiet and tidy - it took sarah to bring that other side of him. btw the last picture is a cross-section of someone's brain.

got your email - i've already replied. can't wait, hope you can make it.

haha, thanks moby - seriously. I hope the block is temporary too,and i already could feel faint glimmers of ideas :p