Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Cupcake Day

I stole this picture from one Puan Mama Sarah took today when D and family came over for a cupcake making session. I wasn't at home today, so I couldn't fill you guys in on what transpired but I'm sure sooner or later Puan Mama Sarah will be blogging about it.

Above is a picture of D's princess with our little princess Sarah. They're both becoming really good friends as their expressions reveal.

Picture edited using my new found Unsharp Mask techniques - hehehe. Feel free to click the image to see how razor sharp the image is :)


Mama Sarah said...

What unsharp mask technique? It was my steady hands lah!

dyanna said...

Cute :)

Li said...

mynn..tak rasa tercabar ke dgn skill PMS??? hehehe makin terror ni muahahaha

Ajzie said...

hihi mamasarah..
Mamasarah, azie nak receipe lah.. Nampak menarik..tentu sedap..

anne said...

I've always thought tht ms has the 'eye' all along, u know. Pastu I can imagine her telling you jgn taruk gambar byk2 kat ur blog coz she's gonna blog abt it later! LOL

Mama Sarah said...

Li Baru je hari tu dok borak-borak dgn Mynn and Arep - tanya pasal 1D. Mynn kata - that's the ultimate one lah, no noise etc...

Mana cukup sen brother!!???

I kata, kalau Nikon D40/50 turun harga 200pounds, I pergi beli esok!
Eh, kenapa I tak sibuk nak beli handbag Gucci dulu eh?

Ajzie Resepi... nak bagi pun segan. Sebab senang sangat. Sabar menanti ya??

Anne Spot on! Mynn selalu kacau I, dia tanya, "you nak blog pasal apa hari ni?"

Kalau I jawab "oxford", dia pun sibuk nak buat pasal oxford.

Kalau I kata "cupcakes" dia pun sibuk nak buat pasal cupcakes.

Saje je dia nak usik and make my blood go upstairs!

Li said...

New Jessops in cardiff town belakang Capitol ada grand opening sale esok sampai ahad..dgr kata Nikon D200 dalam £661 and many more..sale sampai ahad. Limited quantity per day, thats what i heard.

mynn said...

i'm starting a week of nights oncall from tonight guys - i'm so shattered at the moment, and it's just 2am!

Kalau ada L lens on sale bagitau please? Puan Mama Sarah macam berminat je nak Canon 24-105mm L IS :)

you're absolutely right anne, we always fight on who to blog what, first! and we steal each other's photos too.

you'll be surprised. pms has something in the making.

nanti yang sendiri sure lagi cute :) :p tapi bila ye?

Li said...


Just got back from town! frustrated.. it only matches the warehouseexpress price and not ebay price so still mahal la for me. Btw, I might get something from ebay today..hehehe

mynn said...

beli apa? lens baru?

Li said...

ST-E2 :D

p/s: Want to get Nikon like colours from you canons?did you know about Canon Picture Style Files?? go here http://web.canon.jp/Imaging/picturestyle/file/index.html and install these custom canon picture style. You'll be amazed! try it.

mynn said...

Thanks for the link Li, i actually knew you could download and install different picture styles profiles but i havent tried to install them yet. have you?

St-E2 : that's the wireless flash transmitter right? how much did you get it for? i searched and the price is around 150 pounds.

Li said...

I've installed 3 onto my 30D. tried it and it does make a difference in your colour. all of them have a sharpness set at 3 and the rest at 0 which you can adjust to your taste. have a try and see for yourself.

I got the ST-E2 for £88.50 (incl P+P) from Hong Kong Ebay Shop KA Seller. Unfortunately they will only post it after 21 Feb since its now Chinese New Years Holiday..so
kena tunggu lama skit la. Takpe la janji murah. Mahal £10 je dari harga kat Mesia.

pycnogenol said...

Do you think there'll be any cupcakes left after you're done with your week of night oncalls?

Look at it this way Mynn....your night oncalls is just a cupcake. So, have fun!!! ;)

hiyoshi said...

Sweet cupcakes being modeled by sweet little girls! Now, that is what I call a sweet combination :)

Having said that, can I have a taste?

afie911 said...

Yumm Yumm. Cuppy cup cake. =D

li said...

lupa nak bg tahu, some badminton pics i did for cardiff keluarga here >> http://cardiffkeluarga.fotopages.com

ikelah said...

nice potrait. should show it to some bakery and the 2 girls will be instant models in advertising and the photographer will make a name in the advertising business.

ayumi said...

nice cupcakes.. looks delicious, alright!

arep said...

hermm...mynn ni lama sangat tak update ni..bizi tido yerr??? ihiks

Li said...

alooooo....mana pergi mood bloggin ni muh?? ST-E2 aku tak sampai2 lagi nih! dah start risau la aku..first time on ebay dah bad experience hampeh betul la.

ikelah said...

mynn pergi shooting outside coventry, projek rahsia dia!

mynn said...

alamak, banyaknya tak reply lagi:


eh mood blogging masih ada, but i have been doing some travelling the past 3 days. I was doing nights oncalls for a week before that. I actually had written something, maybe ill post in nanti2.

hahaha, waktu tidur dah habis. sibuk baiki kereta!!!!!!

unfortunately i couldnt tell you whether the cupcakes tasted nice or not, i couldnt have any :(

sarah makes cake pisang as well - which is definitely delicious (had some just now), she insisted i finish at least 3 before letting me go! hehehe.

unfortunately there's nothing left after my nights oncall - not that i have the energy left to do anything!