Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Rutland Waters Barbeque - 2nd Photo Batch

I'm sorry for spamming the blog with so many pictures from the Rutland Waters Barbeque. However, the demand from my friends at work for me to upload these pictures has been overwhelming and I feel only inclined to oblige.

Tender Moments

Amie and The Thornton's Cake

Amie attacking the delicious Thornton's chocolate cake

Look at that mess!

Cleaned by Richard

The Little Ones

Single Portraits

Bilal cutting up the vegetables for the skewers

Have you ever felt like someone's watching you?


Catching the Elusive Frisbee

None of us seemed to know how to throw, yet alone catch the frisbee properly.

Suboohi Giving Free Badminton Lessons


anne said...

is that the spring bunny you've been talking about in my comment box? spam or not, i love these pics immensely. makes up for my mundane uninteresting weekends at home

hiyoshi said...

Is that a picture of Amar kissing Sarah?

mynn said...

hehehe, that IS one of the spring bunnies. you better be careful anne, he may go after you. he multiplies exponentially.

that's why you need to get out more anne.

one of them is amar hugging sarah - i don't know whether it's kissing (see, puan mama sarah took that picture).

hiyoshi said...


From your statement in the parentheses, I got the feeling as if you're pointing a finger to Puan Mama Sarah hahaha...