Monday, May 14, 2007

Brief Period of Sun

To me it has seemed like weeks and weeks without going out - last weekend, despite quite good weather we just stayed indoors (don't ask) and this weekend the weather had been disgusting. Predictions say the weather will stay rainy throughout this whole week.

Thank goodness they're wrong. The temporary glint of sunshine we got this afternoon was enough for us to detour from our shopping duties and instead, we spent the evening at Sarah's second favourite park.

I can't wait to edit these pictures properly with Photoshop. I'll post better versions, as usual, on my Fotopage.


dith said...

Mesmerizing! I love Sarah's pic blowing soap bubbles in the air.

hiyoshi said...

I thought the last picture was a nice touch - one actually gets the feeling that the family really is done for the day.

On something partly related, I've been learning photoshop during the holidays. Been having a laugh at all the weird outcomes

dyanna said...

I've thought a song for the last pix:

"Geylang, si paku geylang,
Geylang si rama-rama,
Pulang, marilah pulang,
marilah pulang, bersama-sama..."

mynn said...

gee thanks dith - puan mama sarah took some of the pictures too. she's getting better at this isnt she? it's nice watching the kids slowly grow up.

puan mama sarah took that picture. she learnt for FarahY how get that "starburst effect" from the sun using small apertures.

hey, photoshop efforts are supposed to "wow" people, not make them laugh.

wow, puan mama sarah's pictures seem to be a big favourite of people. I semi-hate it. my bum looks big in that picture. no, seriously!

hiyoshi said...

*shakes head*

The day has finally come when men start saying aloud "my bum looks big..."

pycnogenol said...

Mynn, your bum looks big in that last pic because you like wearing baggy pants.
Try one of those drain-pipe jeans of the late 80's. They were the coolest jeans money can buy then.

Pycno predicts they gonna make a come-back soooon!! ;)

mynn said...

it's true i do like wearing loose, comfortable pants - i hate tight pants as they are both restrictive and constrictive - very unpleasant, especially at the crotch. (friendly message of the day: don't suffocate your crotch)

rather my bum than my perut.