Sunday, May 20, 2007

Another Weekend

The past few days I have been having my face stuck in a new book I'm reading: Snow Crash. I have yet to finish reading the book but so far it's excellent! In fact, the witty sci-fi novel written in 1992 eerily predicts modern internet standards e.g. Second Life, Google, Google Earth, Playstation Home etc.

A bit of non-linear blog writing today as soon I have to get ready. I think Puan Mama Sarah is inviting us to the Birmingham Aquarium or something like that.

These pictures were all taken yesterday: I was feeling a bit uninspired and under the weather so many of these pictures were taken by Puan Mama Sarah.

The Coventry town centre: If you look closely you could see many pairs of eyes actually looking at the camera, looking a tad annoyed. Urgh, people in this country really don't like their pictures taken (especially by a stranger - who'd blame them?) and it does make me uncomfortable. Doesn't stop me though.

Coventry Pizza Hut - no the garlic bread were not the only things we ate, but when the pizza came I forgot to take more pictures (too busy eating). I met an old friend who I used to work with in ITU in Coventry - Afshin. Wow, it's so wonderful meeting an old friend and catching up on news. He's now married with one daughter. Looks very happy.

The above pictures were taken at one of Coventry University's many buildings.

Below were taken at the Coventry Memorial Park:

Have a good weekend all.


pycnogenol said...

On why people dont like their pics taken:
Mynn, maybe asking permission - (especially if the subject is the main object of the shot and/or can be identified) would solve your problem. Mana lah tahu...orang tu bersama awek ke, bini muda ke, girlfriend lame ke. Awok pula nak ambik gambar dan post kat blog for the world to see. Ni, bikin kacau aje....;)

I'd leave it to the professional paparazzi to risk life and limb while grabbing shots of unwilling subjects. (I'm one such subject, you know?...)

dith said...

For someone feeling below the weather, you still manage to look cheery.

Pycno- jenuh ler kalau nak mintak permission tiap kali. "Mintak maap tok, chu nak ambik gambo" :p

khairil idham said...

salam Dr..
I have been your silent reader all the while..cuma now ni rasa nak drop comment..same thing here in moscow,russia..they dont like to be photographed ..lagi pulak diorang ni selalu suspicious...+ with their own history lagi ... but then yeah .. it wont stop me neither..!keep on shot'.. really admire and enjoy by ur work and ur journal...

mynn said...

i've long thought of the same explanation - pictures sometimes expose infidelities :) one solution is to use longer lenses so that I could take pictures from farther away say a 400mm ke (for your info pycno a 400mm lens could take reasonable pictures of the moon).

i do still feel under the weather today dith, sob sob, friends & nurses in my ward at the hospital have been commenting on how i seem "different" today -but i'm glad i dont look glum in my pictures. i'll be back to normal very2 soon.

khairil idham
hey, thanks for leaving a comment after reading for so long in silence. thanks for linking to your excellent Flickr gallery. i wish my pictures are as varied as yours. oh and please - no need for the "Dr" title, seriously.