Monday, October 01, 2007

A Meet-Up with Ikelah, DITH & Family

I am simply ecstatic to be able to access the internet again - and here I am again for a much delayed update. The past one month I have been trying my hardest to enjoy my time off but, despite always wanting a holiday before I start work I am finding it very difficult to enjoy doing nothing. I keep telling myself I should savour the quality time I have with Mama Sarah and the two children but part of me is terribly looking forward to starting work - despite knowing that work is probably going to be hell.

Okay, the past one month I haven't really been completely inactive - I have been doing what I have always wanted to do whenever I get the time, namely ... catching up on sleep (sleep is extremely precious to those deprived of it), reading, playing with Amar & Sarah, catching up on movies I had always wanted to see and spending time with friends.

Speaking of spending time with friends, I have recently had the pleasure of meeting with several blogger friends; the most recent being Ikelah, DITH and their wonderful family.

Momad, DITH & Ikelah's son, was lucky to be accepted to study medicine at Bristol University and we all arranged a meeting at KLIA the evening of Momad's departure to England. That was the first time after around 2 years of knowing Ikelah & DITH via Blogger that we had the chance to meet.

I was pleasantly surprised meeting Ikelah & DITH, especially by the fact that although it was our first ever meeting - it felt as if we had known each other for years. Everyone warmed up to each other instantaneously and strangely, I felt like part of the family instead of like just a friend. Ikelah had good humour and was funnier in person that I had imagined him to be, but DITH was just as motherly as I had expected. When Ikelah saw me he said he could recognise me anywhere from my pictures on the blog and one of DITH's comment I liked was on how young I look (heh heh!)

In fact they were all a LOVELY family, and I am already looking forward to seeing them again, perhaps around Eid time Insya Allah.

Another lovely family, and blog friend we had the pleasure to meet was non-other than Pycno. At first I didn't know whether Pycno would consent to me writing about the meeting at all but I now I hope he wouldn't mind.

It was a BIG surprise to Mama Sarah and yours truly meeting the blog celebrity that is Pycno & his family but to me the biggest (and most pleasant) surprise was how nice, intelligent and friendly they all are. In fact, I would bet that anyone who had met Pycno & family would wish they have a family as intelligent and "muhibbah" (hopefully that's not a wrong word). Meeting him in person, I finally understood the secrecy and it was just great to finally meet the person behind the words (and pictures).

Hopefully there will be future meet-ups with these wonderful people.

Finally, and as usual, here are a collection of pictures mainly from the meeting with DITH and Ikelah. I took lots of pictures of Pycno & family but have sworn not to put them on the internet. The only picture I dare to put up is the picture of the delicious chocolate cake he bought us.

On with the pictures:

Ikelah and his Nikon D50, and Panglima.

Momad who was flying to England, and his brother & sister.

I finally get to meet Maman! He was just as I imagined him to be. Quite a funny guy.

Ikelah was more of a sport & funnier that I had ever imagined him to be. Also in the picture is Orang Kilang.

This was our large convoy. We had to hire several busses to transport everyone (only joking about the last part).

I finally get to meet DITH!!! Motherly/sisterly, friendly & wise - that's our DITH.

I have always wanted to discuss photography with Ikelah as I have learnt a lot from him over the years. He was one of the influential people in me buying a DSLR a year and a half ago. Our discussion is to be continued at a later date Ikelah ...

Momad - I'm quite proud this guy got himself a place in Bristol for Medicine. Safe journey and the best of luck to him.

DITH and Momad - this is my favourite picture of the lot.


And this was the delicious cake Pycno bought us when he visited. I have a few pictures of Pycno and family, and I was thinking of posting severely cropped versions - but decided against that, just in case Pycno wouldn't approve. A meeting with Pycno & family gets the highest recommendation from me & Mama Sarah -- it's great to meet the person behind our internet celebrity :)

That's it for this update my friends. My plans in the next few weeks is to spend Eid with our families in Terengganu. We will be staying with my family after Eid for a while - but don't worry, then I'll get full internet access. I am hoping for another meet up with O-K, Ikelah & DITH while we're in Terengganu and here's hoping for great pictures during the trip! Till then, Wassalam and Ramadhan Mubarak.


juwaidah said...


Glad to know that you're enjoying yourself back in Malaysia! How's Mama Sarah doing?

p/s: have you contacted D? Mr. D is in the hospital now...

Anonymous said...

:D I like your camera. Very slimming.

*makcik cadar 400 threads*

Zakiah said...

wah...lama betul u cuti nih. Salam to kak nisak and the kids.

Anul said...

Hye..salam bertandang. Nice pics taken by ur camera then. I assumed it's not a regret to spent ur money on ur interest right?

raggedyanne said...

all this talk abt how secretive pycno & co is driving me crazy!

dith said...


It was nice meeting you eventho Nisak and the kids were absent. As I said you were exactly how I had envisaged you to be albeit more cheerful and bubbly, hehe. Yes looking forward for more meets.


Maybe it's time for you to go down to KL and meet Pycno huh? :P

hiyoshi said...

Were you surprised to learn of Mr Pycno's true identity? I certainly was, the first time I met him.

Speaking of which...when can I meet you? It seems that I'm the last blogger who hasn't!

dyanna said...

The talk about Pycno being mysterious is making him sounds more mysterious than ever!

Hey,k I created a new word,

Celeblogrity- Celebrity of the blogging community..

I wonder if Oxford Dictionary would accept it.

hiyoshi said...

dyanna - I need you to untie my tongue. I attempted to pronounce your newly created word with dismal results.

Li said...

fuhh lama giler nak habih baca updates ko muh..balik jugak ko ye! hahaha..hey bro, lens baru nampak :D 10-20 ka?? 400D tu taknak kasi potong satu '0' ka? hehehe ko dah pegi belum kedai camera kat BB Plaza tu? kalu ko pegi jumpa terus that malay sales girl tu..cakap slow2 dgn dia nak harga 'speacial'..tapi kena bayar cash and arrange payment/delivery dgn dia senyap2 belakang tauke. Ok bro..enjoy malaysia! Happy Eid and Maaf Zahir Batin from us in UK hahaha..

p/s whats gonna happen to ur ebay/amazon/paypal account bro?

dyanna said...

it's easier to cut it off Hiyoshi. Muahaha! (*evil laugh)...

Maaf zahir dan batin.

pycnogenol said...

It was great meeting you too Mynn. And, remember my comment when I first met you and Nisak? Exactly what was said by DITH. Awak berdua memang kelihatan muda remaja.

Dyanna - The next time I'm in Penang, we can meet up. Just promise me that you will 'belanja' me the best Nasi Kandar and Penang Char Quay Tiaw. ;)

Anonymous said...

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