Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Dari Teratak Maklang

These picture series were taken on our visit to Mak Lang and Pak Lang in Kerteh, on our way back to Kuala Terengganu from Kuantan. These pictures are literally, "Dari Teratak Maklang".

Above is Pak Lang and Maklang. What really struck me was how terribly young they are especially for people who call themselves "Pak" and "Mak". They were both extremeeeeeely friendly and the conversation just flowed.

Sarah was running around the house with Mak Lang's children - she quickly bonded.

Even Amar eventually felt playful, while the adults kept on conversing.

Sarah was enjoying the swing outside the house with her auntie Nurul.

While inside the house, we were enjoying Mak Lang's expertly prepared lunch - it was Laksa Johor and fried chicken. There were also an assortment of cookies and a delicious chocolate cake (Mak Lang kindly gave us a block of the chocolate cake to take home and alone I finished about half of the cake - perhaps 1kg worth of pure chocolate bliss).

Maklang's fried chicken :)

Maklang's collection of Liliput Lane houses.

Us enjoying the lovely lunch

Our two families - whoops, minus Mak Lang's children.

Then, Pak Lang started a tour of his house - and was showing my father around.

Just outside of the house - a nice area to sit down & relax, while enjoying a view of the beautifully kept garden.

By now most of us have started to notice that Mak Lang's house is more like an "istana" than a "teratak" ---- seriously. Enjoy the views:

We had thoroughly enjoyed visiting Pak Lang and Mak Lang in Kerteh. They were extremeeeeeeely friendly, shockingly young and to me the best part of the visit was seeing Mak Lang's beautiful "teratak". Errr, correction - second best, after the food.


maklang said...

Thanks for coming...we really enjoyed having all of you here..

Maybe we can meet at Alang's place next week. And if you are lucky enough we can have more of those chocolate cakes!

dith said...

I am forever at awe of Maklang's palace!

ikelah said...

mak lang dok kat rumah agam, bukan teratak.

pak lang ligat betul nak buat stress test tadi. i was in the same room buat physio, dia mcm basa la mana nampak kita.:)

Ibu Sara said...

Masakan Mak Lang memang tak boleh lawannya

maklang said...

tumpang lalu Mynn:

Ikelah, Paklang tu kadang2 memang dia tak perasan..nak buat camana, kalau buat apa2 tu memang 100% focused, kalau tak pun agaknya memang tengah stressed betul tu..ha..ha..ha..