Monday, September 10, 2007

A Short Update

It's a shame, I had waited around a week to update the blog by visiting this cyber cafe - but now that I'm here I only have a short time. My parents just called saying they're coming over. While I have time, I'll just comment on the pictures below:

This weekend with my family. We celebrated my father's birthday (I didn't dare ask how old he was) and my brother Azim's & his wife Salamiah's wedding anniversary. We had a good selection of food- satay, lots of cake and keropok (yum) that would make a dietician have a heart attack thinking of all the calories and saturated fats!

Currently we are living with my in-laws - hopefully they don't mind the extra heads in their house while I am looking for work. Hopefully if I do find work it wouldn't be too far from them. At the moment, I am aiming to start work right after Eid. That's the curent plan. I fear if I start work too soon it'll be no annual leave over Eid for me- and I haven't celebrated Raya with my family for over 11 years! so just this once...

Sarah going swimming with her cousins

Sarah fascinated by the variety of bugs not present in England.

My sister Sarah with Azim's daughter.

Taking it easy eating keropok by the lake one lazy afternoon

The food here is marvellous, of course (just don't dare count the calories!).

Using my new wide angle lens - heh heh.

Our family is finally complete. Above is EVERYONE in my family.

Tug of war. Although Sarah and her cousins were looking forward to our return, they unfortunately couldn't tolerate each other that much - they constantly bicker and fight. "Eldest Sister Syndrome" or ESS I call it. Both are fighting to be the alpha-female.

got to go now, my parents are almost here!


Kak Elle said...

Mynn plenty of opening here for you in sg ... docs are welcome here:)

My regards to Nisa and children and selamat menyambut ramadhan.

dyanna said...

Start work after Eid, a good decision!

Enjoy Ramadhan here, it's very different. And remember, we don't care what saturated fat means here in msia and calories are just not in our vocabs yet :P - said by someone who just had a big shock of her life to see the number that turned up on the weighing scale

D said...

fun, fun and more fun there - with your beloved ones! Selamat menyambut Ramadhan... the spirit of Tarawih at the mosque should be exciting!

Ajzie said...

Mcm Dyanna juga... satu idea yg sgt bagus start work after eid. Kalau tak sure tak de cuti kan kan kan..

Salam buat Nisak, Sarah and Amar. Selamat menyambut Rahmadan.

pycnogenol said...

Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan alMubarak.
Semoga ia menjadi Ramadhan terbaik untuk kita semua.

I wish I can take leave the whole of Ramadhan and resume work a week after Syawal. Really envy you, Mynn.

mynn said...

hey, kena lah planning sikit kan? i don't think i really deserve the rest for all the "work" i did in my previous hospital but consider it ... um... a vacation before i start work. raya kat kampung mana this year dyanna? (eh, belum puasa lagi kan??)

Kak elle
how i wish it was that easy:) selamat menyambut ramadhan to you too K. Elle

oh, sarah still hasn't stop mentioning the names of you & your family so she's absolutely missing coventry, i'm sure. i am quite excited with the fact that i'm about to do my first ramadhan here in 11 years!! the atmosphere of ramadhan was already here - weeks before ramadhan is about to start, as opposed to last minute smses alerting everyone of the fasting month in the UK. so it's absolutely different

salams to ajzie and family too. i will absolutely tell nisak news of you. raya kat mana tahun ni?

selamat menyambut ramadhan to you too my friend. it feels great to be home. I bet in a few months or probably next year you wouldn't envy me any more ... entah2 tak cuti langsung next year - who knows :)

hiyoshi said...

Well, if you don't already know it, calories are endemic in our country...

Hopefully, you won't binge too much on the food during the fasting month, eyh? Ramadhan Mubarak to you and the family.

p.s. ESS? Hahaha...

Ajzie said...

Insyallah raya di JB.. ptg raya balik rumah inlaw pula di BP.

ikelah said...

selamat menyambut Ramadhan di tanah air. hope you can adept fast. its tougher here with lot of 'politics' even at the working place. be tough and may Allah give His Strength and Guidance.

syahirah zain said...

hey there! hope ure doing good. nice family u have there. anyway, Ramadhan mubarak :)

syahirah zain said...

eh, i mean to say ramadhan kareem.
so the nenek of me lah haha

mynn said...

surely Ramadhan Mubarak could be used as well? Anyway, same to you and here's hoping you are enjoying university life.

Part of me is dying to start work but part of me knows it's going to be hell. I suppose I will have to adapt no matter what. will appreciate any advice.

I'm sure mama sarah is planning a trip to JB as well this Eid - you never know, we could meet up?

sorry for this late reply but Ramadhan mubarak to you as well - hope you're enjoying it on top of the busy life at university doing medicine. bila kita nak jumpa ni huh?? do tell me whenever you're free - maybe we could arrange for berbuka puasa somewhere.