Sunday, October 14, 2007

Eid in Malaysia

As our first Eid in Malaysia after 11 years of being overseas, I am happy to report that our Eid this year is for us, probably the best ever. The best thing was, that all our family members from both Mama Sarah's and my side has gathered here in Terengganu. And by "all family members", I do mean ALL - including all my brothers and their families. Appararently such an Eid where all the family are gathered is unprecedented.

What I haven't forseen is how quite intimidating, busy and dizzying it would be to entertain families - full of their own expectations - of both sides at around the same time. And that - as well as limited internet access - is my excuse for the infrequent updates, and lateness in my replies to your comments & SMSes - I am so sorry!!

It's the first time that Sarah is having the full Eid experience in Malaysia - the family, the excitement of waiting for Eid, the food, the fireworks, the new clothes, "duit raya" and so much more - it kinds of reminds me of the Eid I've had with my family when I was her age.

Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to say Eid Mubarak & pray for forgiveness from everyone all the readers of Itchiness. Our thoughts and prayers absolutely goes to our friends who are unwell and recently hospital and we pray for a rapid and complete recovery. Our thoughts and prayers also go to their families.

I'm afraid that's all I have time for in this update - it is already 3.30 am and we are off to visit our relatives in Perak early tomorrow morning (that's an 8 hour of vomit-inducing drive by car from here!) . The following are my favourite pictures from this Eid. Again, I wish you all Eid Mubarak!

Catching the beautifull early light in the traditional "baju Melayu"

Sarah in her Eid dress

Nisa's family

Nisa and Sarah

The ladies in our family

Nisa's photogenic and cheerful aunt

Nisa's cousin Fara

Nisa's cousin Fariza

My family in front of a traditional Malay house

My family

My parents

Nisa & I - I was so busy taking pictures of other people that I didn't realise there are not many pictures of us and NO pictures of us as a whole family at all :(:( -- photographer wanted!

Nisa's grandmother entertaining guests

Even though it's Eid we still went to the beach (might as well while we're in Terengganu, right?)

Going home (tengah Azan ni)

Sunset at the beach - notice the change of costume just like in Kush-kush Hota Hai

A line of boats

Another picture of Nisa & I

From left: My mum, Nisa, Nisa's mum and my sister Nurul

Sarah's cousin Ilya

Our Eid breakfast --- yummm


Li said...

Eid Mubarak Muh!

dith said...

Alhamdulllah Mynn,you got a good raya this time. Now to burst your perky bubble, "Bila start kerja??" hehe

hiyoshi said...

Let me guess - purple was your theme for this year? (Obviously!)

Selamat Hari Raya to you. I hope you didn't photoshop those shots of yourself just to make it appear as if you're slimmer hehe....

dyanna said...

Happy Eid!
Comel sedondon. Dr grandparents, ke anak-anak sampai cucu-cucu sume tone kaler sama.

Li said...

thanks for dropping by my FP. glad you like the pictures :D. Yes, 95% of the entries (1st Oct onwards) were shot using the 16-35mm L. But to be honest it's not that wide compared to my 24mm Sigma. But the speed is more important for me i guess..and it will look extra wide on a full frame body anyway, say a 5D or 1Ds Mark III hahaha...but that's future planning la. So until then, 16mm will do just fine hehe. The colours, sharpness and focusing speed of the 16-35mm is absolutely brilliant mate! if the metering is spot on u wont even need a tweak in CS2. Anyway, the colours on those pictures did go thru some major curve, burning and dodging. InsyaAllah, will try to update more frequently from now on. the mood suddenly comes back hahaha..

p/s: kalau dtg UK singgah la cardiff..buleh sembang2 foto lagi.

ajzie said...

Selamat Hari Raya to you and family.. salam buat Nisak.

Kak Elle said...

Salam raya dari sg:)

wah meriah ye raya di tanah air tahun ni?

my salam to Nisa and family.

pycnogenol said...

Selamat Hari Raya to Mynn and family. Seronok melihat gambar cantik semua orang, dan rasa macam dah lama kenal kesemua nya!! ;)

I love the colour theme of your baju raya. Semalam, kami beraya dengan Ikelah, Dith and family kat Ampang.

So, bila balik dan bila mula kerja?

ikelah said...

Selamat Hari Raya. One big happy family selepas 11 tahun beraya di perantauan.

Nice moments captured. Untuk saya, tak banyak gambar yang diambil dalam keadaan yang agak terhad kali ini.
Looking forward to see you and your family next weekend.

mynn said...

Eid Mubarak to you too - how's celebration in Cardiff this year?? photography-wise I'll visit your fotopage in a moment to continue our discussion there.

alhamdulillah, our raya was excellent. can't be better except if we got to visit our family in Sarawak but apart from that, raya this year was exceptional. Work wise I'm hoping to start as soon as possible. Hopefully in the next month or so. I'm planning to do locum jobs to ease myself into working in malaysia, while waiting for my applications to be processed. any offers?

theme, what theme?? heh heh. Are you saying I look slimmer?? I think that's due to eating leaner meals - and burning more energy travelling and all. As for photoshop - if only i have the time to spend photoshopping these pictures!!

selamat hari raya maaf zahir batin to you and family too. I thought we were going to spend this Eid in Johore this year, as this year it was our turn to celebrate with Nisak's family. In the end, her family decided to go to Terengganu. If we were in Johor we could have visited you - what a pity!

Kak Elle
Selamat hari raya orang singapura. Celebrating eid overseas and celebrating in our own country is indeed incomparable - it doesn't even come close how nice it is to celebrate eid here. I'll definitely convey your kind wishes to nisa.

:) jealousnya you & dith's family got to celebrate eid together. we should do another meet up with all of us eh?? however, we're planning to meet up with DITH and Ikelah in Kuantan this weekend :D haha, can't wait!

hope you are recovering steadily ikelah and definitely focus on recovering than taking pictures!

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