Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Kagoshima, Japan

I've been silent on the blog for a while because I was ...

... only joking, I didn't go to Japan, but by god did I want to (and thinking about it, probably I should have).


exdua said...

the dates on the bottom corner of the photographs gave it away

dith said...

I knew you must be pulling our legs from the start. As OK said: you're an open book..I can read your mind, hehe

I dont think the dates were a give away though, it was 10th/ 11th of December isnt' it? :))

mynn said...

heeey, how's england? missing malaysian food yet?

am i that easy to read ka? it was my father going to Japan by himself. It would have costed me RM5000 to go too (sorang2 lah), and i was really tempted - but voice of reason (aka nisak) said better go with them.

Ikelah said...

RM5K dah dapat 1 lagi L lens. ;)

mynn said...

hmmm, nak pegi jepun ke nak L lens - not difficult of a choice to make! (I'll choose japan any day!)

OK people, i am off to shah alam again tonight - by flight - due to recent scares and accidents traveling by bus. so meet up with you guys there. Salams.

pycnogenol said...

Why didnt you,Mynn?

You've missed a golden opportunity, not only to see Japan, but also to be with dad for that long overdue father-son bonding....dapat jadi anak tunggal lagi....;)

You've chosen the unthinkable, you Itchy Sushi Expert!!!!!

hiyoshi said...

Unlike the crystal-ball-gazing-gypsy (read: DITH), I fell for your trick and nearly had a heart attack reading the title. Had you really gone, I'd have knocked my head against the wall out of sheer envy - and stupidity too, perhaps.

p.s. Am thinking of getting a DS Lite after having a go at Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan! My God, the songs are stuck in my head.

Intan said...

Do update yr blog soon pls. When are u getting streamyx at home?

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ikelah said...

dah mula kerja ke?

bila nak datang kuantan, buat macro outing? tak jauh kuantan dengan KL... 3 hrs je. ;)